Green apple dessert

Green apple dessert

This green apple dessert is a delicate mousse, very satisfying after a heavy meal. It is also simple and inexpensive.


For 5 servings
3 green apples
juice and zest of one lemon
10 g unflavored gelatin
5 clear
1/2 cup sugar
250 c. c cream


In 75 minutes

Peel and cut the apples and cook with the juice and zest over low heat, steamed.

Remove the peel, strain and with that liquid dissolve the gelatin over the fire for a few seconds and mix it with the pureed apples.

Let cool. Apart make a meringue with the whites and the sugar, beat the cream at medium point.

Combine the cream with the puree and incorporate the whites in an enveloping way.

Place in glasses or compoteras and cool for 2 hours.

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