A little fun for your garden or vegetable garden

A little fun for your garden or vegetable garden

Give your garden or vegetable garden some fun with a cat like this one, made from a tire and some wood. Bury its base in the ground and it will serve as a toy for children to pass inside.

We will need:

materials: Tire, wooden board, screws, acrylic paint, metal brackets.

Tools: Jigsaw, drill, sandpaper block, brushes, paddle, pencil, marker, brush.

Step by Step

1. Cut the wood

To start transforming a used tire into a cute garden cat, find a pencil and mark the pieces of the figure on a wooden board. Draw, freehand or with the help of a template as in this case, the face of the cat and the tail, which you will then have to fix to the tire with the help of a metal square.

When you finish drawing the pieces on the wood, cut with a jigsaw and sand afterwards.

2. Paint

Everything well sanded? It is time to start painting. You can use a trowel for the larger parts and brushes of different sizes for details such as the cat's face or the less accessible corners.

Paint the wooden parts - the cat's face and tail - and the tire, which you will have to clean beforehand with the help of a brush. When you're done, let it dry.

3. Ride the jack

Once the paint is dry, it's time to pin the pieces together to shape your new garden cat. To do this, you can use metal brackets as in this case, which you will have to screw to the wooden pieces and the tire.

Use a drill and wood screws to attach the metal brackets to the face and tail of the jack and screw the pieces to the surface of the tire. Ready! You just have to put it in the garden.

What do you think of the result? It's a different and creative way to decorate your garden and give a second life to a used tire, let's get to work!

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