World Environment Day: feeling, living the health of Mother Earth

World Environment Day: feeling, living the health of Mother Earth

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We are a small part of a single living organism called Mother Earth, which is home to millions of interconnected ecosystems. Human health is a reflection of the health of our planet.

As the original peoples of the world teach, we say that the Earth is Mother because it engenders and sustains the life of trillions of beings, including humans. This millennial knowledge converges with the findings of earth sciences, which show that rivers, climate, oceans, soil, forests, microorganisms and biodiversity interact to regulate the planetary ecosystem to guarantee the continuity of life.

We believe that although modern medicine has brought many health benefits, through its analytical approach, the large evolutionary and ecological dimensions (not to mention the social and cultural) of human existence have long been underestimated and even marginalized. The ‘Mother Earth, One Health’ concept tries to take the world of medicine beyond human beings, animals, plants and microorganisms towards diseases and the treatment of our planet.

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