A whale dies from 80 plastic bags in its stomach

A whale dies from 80 plastic bags in its stomach

A whale was rescued after being spotted motionless floating in the water, in the Songhkla Canal, Thailand. After days of agony, he died last Friday from an intestinal obstruction.

The pilot whale received veterinary attention after vomiting five bags, but was unable to save it. During the autopsy, they found 80 plastic bags and other items on his stomach.a total weight of 8 kilos.

It is impossible for a whale to survive with so much plastic in its stomach

The explanations of what happened were given by Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist and professor at Kasetsart University, to the Sky News newspaper: "If you have 80 plastic bags in your stomach, you die," he said. The bags made it difficult for the cetacean to perform its normal digestive functions.

Thamrongnawasawat noted that about 300 marine animals, including pilot whales, sea turtles and dolphins, die in Thai waters each year from plastic. "Its a big problem. We use a lot of plastic ", laments the biologist.

As a result, the head of Thailand's Maritime and Coastal Department, Jatuporn Buruspat, promised to campaign for tighter controls on the use of plastic in the country. "We will use the case of the whale and invite all sectors to show their intentions on how to reduce the use of plastic in Thailand," he said.

This new misfortune once again brings up the serious problem of plastic worldwide.

  • According to the NGO Plastic Oceans, every year 300 million tons of plastic are produced, half of that volume being used for a single use. More than eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans annually.
  • In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is an ‘island’ of garbage (Midway Islands) that at the end of March was already almost the size of Mexico and was increasing “exponentially”.
  • More than five trillion pieces of plastic are already in the oceans, and by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish, by weight

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