The future of the Earth does not fall from the sky

The future of the Earth does not fall from the sky

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What I am going to write here will be difficult for the majority of readers to accept. Although what I say is based on the best scientific heads, who for almost a century have been thinking about the universe, the situation of planet Earth and its eventual collapse, or a quantum leap to another level of realization, it has not penetrated, however, in the collective conscience or in the great academic centers.

The old paradigm, which emerged in the 16th century with Newton, Francis Bacon, and Kepler, an atomistic, mechanistic and deterministic paradigm continues in force, as if there had not been an Einstein, a Hubble, a Planck, a Heisenberg, a Reeves, a Hawking , a Prigogine, a Wilson, a Swimme, a Lovelock, a Capra and so many others who elaborated for us the new vision of the Universe and the Earth.

To begin with, I quote the words of the Nobel laureate in biology (1974) Christian de Duve who wrote one of the best books on the history of life:Vital dust: life as a cosmic imperative (Editorial Norma, 1999). «Biological evolution is marching rapidly towards serious instability. Our time recalls one of those important breaks in evolution, marked by great mass extinctions ”(p. 355). This time it does not come from some low-level meteor, as in ages past, which almost eliminated all life, but from the human being himself, who can be not only suicidal and homicidal, but also ecocidal, biocidal and even geocidal. It can put an end to life on our planet, leaving only soil microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses, which are counted in quadrilons of quadrilons.

Due to this threat mounted by the death machine manufactured by the irrationality of modernity, the concept "anthropocene" was introduced, to call the current geological era as a new geological era, in which the great threat of devastation comes from the human being same (anthropos ). It has intervened and continues to intervene so profoundly in the rhythms of nature and the Earth, that it is affecting the very ecological foundations that sustain it.

According to biologists Wilson and Ehrlich, between 70 and 100,000 species of living beings disappear per year due to the hostile relationship that humans have with nature. The consequence is clear: the Earth lost its balance and extreme events show it irrefutably. Only ignorant like Donald Trump deny the empirical evidence.

Instead, the well-known cosmologist Brian Swimme, who in California coordinates a dozen scientists who study the history of the Universe, strive to present a saving way out. Let us say in passing that B. Swimme, cosmologist, and the anthropologist of cultures Thomas Berry, published, with the safest data in science, a history of the universe, from thebig Bang to the present (The Universe Story,San Francisco, Harper 1992), known as the most brilliant work ever done. (The translation into Portuguese was done, but the stupidity of the Brazilian publishers was stronger, and until today it was not published. Its translation into Spanish was rejected, because the book devotes too many pages to the specific situation in the United States). The authors created the concept "the ecozoic era," or "the ecocene," a fourth biological age that would succeed the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and our Neozoic.

The ecozoic era starts from a vision of the universe, as cosmogenesis. Its characteristic is not permanence, but evolution, expansion and self-creation of increasingly complex "emergencies", which allow the emergence of new galaxies, stars and life forms on Earth, up to our conscious and spiritual life. .

They do not fear the word "spiritual" because they understand that the spirit is part of the Universe itself, always present, but that in an advanced stage of evolution it has become self-conscious in us, perceiving us as part of the Whole.

This ecozoic era represents a restoration of the planet through a relationship of care, respect and reverence in the face of that wonderful gift of the living Earth. The economy should not seek accumulation, but enough for everyone, so that the Earth can rebuild its nutrients. The future of the Earth does not fall from the sky, but from the decisions we make to be in line with the rhythms of nature and the Universe. I quote Swimme:

The future will be decided between those who are committed to the technozoic - a future of increasing exploration of the Earth as a resource, all for the benefit of humans - and those who are committed to the ecozoic, a new way of relating to the Land in which the well-being of the Earth and the entire community of terrestrial life is the main concern (p. 502).

If the ecozoic does not win, we will probably know a catastrophe, this time produced by the Earth itself, to get rid of one of its creatures, which occupied all the spaces in a violent and threatening way of the other species, species that, because they have the same origin and the same genetic code, are his brothers and sisters, not recognized but mistreated and even murdered.

We have to deserve to subsist on that planet. But that depends on a friendly relationship towards nature and life, and a profound transformation in the ways of living. Swimme adds: “We cannot live without that intuition (insight ) special that women have in all phases of human existence ”(p. 501).

This is the crossroads of our time: either change or disappear. But who can believe it? We will keep screaming.

Leonardo Boff


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