A stamp for products containing GMOs

A stamp for products containing GMOs

Sparkies chewy candies and Chips Ahoy cookies are the first GMO-labeled products found by Consumer Advocacy. Senasag will verify from June that all companies that sell these foods do so.

The Law of the Community Agricultural Productive Revolution (144), of June 2011, establishes that any product that is, contains or derives from a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), also called transgenic food, must be labeled as information for the consumer, be it national or imported.

The regulation has been applied since January of this year and requires that these products be marked with a distinctive yellow logo and triangular shape, visible to the consumer.

“The seal is already in the national market, in some cases with a sticker and in others already printed on the container. This should not alarm the population, rather it is a good sign because companies are informing their customers about their components and people, in their free decision, will see if they consume them or not, "said Guillermo Mendoza, Vice Minister of Defense of the Consumer.

The authority stressed that it is the first time that a distinctive of these characteristics has been implemented in the country that respects a fundamental principle, such as informing the consumer. He announced that the National Service for Agricultural Health and Food Safety (Senasag), responsible for labeling, will present a list of products that complied with the law.

Eating genetically modified foods, many doctors say, consists of entering the bloodstream bits of genetic code that have never before been in contact with the human immune system, and could be the cause of the growing number of diseases that were not heard a decade ago: autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease or Crohn's disease.

In the neighboring country Uruguay has also established at the end of 2017 a decree to label foods that contain transgenics, in addition to the percentages of sugars, fats and sodium in a plan to take care of the health of the population.

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