IIRSA, The Infrastructure of Devastation. Note and documentary video

IIRSA, The Infrastructure of Devastation. Note and documentary video

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The Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) is the planning and development of projects for the regional infrastructure of transportation, energy and telecommunications aimed at facilitating the transfer of raw materials exploited in various territories of the southern cone.

It was created in August 2000 during the first South American Summit and has the technical and financial support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), and the Financial Fund for the Development of the La Plata Basin ( FONPLATA).

A good part of this new invasion linked to extractivist capitalism is directly related to the Mapuche territory of Wallmapu (Puelmapu, east Mapuche territory, south central Argentina / Ngulumapu, west Mapuche territory, south central Chile). From this side of the mountain range, it directly involves areas such as Lonquimay Pino Hachado for connection of ports such as Talcahuano with the main objective of facilitating the exit of oil and fracking from Provinces such as Rio Negro and Neuquén in Argentina.

Likewise, it is possible to relate the improvements in road infrastructures in mountain areas of Araucanía such as Liquiñe - Curarrehue - Pucón - Panguipulli that would be related. For its part, it also involves the Puyehue Cardinal Samoré pass in Osorno, establishing itself for various connections, including towards Puerto Corral among others.

Another key step that has been established is that of Puelo - Manso to the south west of Los Lagos - Llanquihue that would be linked to mining deposits in Palena (Chile) and Chubut (Argentina), as well as with all the speculative extractivism that is intended in Chiloé . In the same way, the connection of the international crossing in Aysén and connection with the Austral Longitudinal road to Magallanes linked to Argentina.

It is important to note that the enormous increase in hundreds of energy projects in south central Chile (hydroelectric and wind), would be related to export to extractivism in Argentina and for future mining projects in south central Chile.

Faced with this, during 2016 "IIRSA, the infrastructure of devastation" has been disseminated, a collective accomplishment in which different communities in the semi-arid North of Chile came together to recycle, redefine images available on the internet, giving analysis and opinion to this new threat that is part of a reality and a new social political conflict.

The objective of those who have raised this realization, as has been published, is to subvert the dominant discourses and misinformation around IIRSA, a megaproject that includes more than 600 infrastructure works to expedite the exploitation of natural resources, in what before the European invasion was known as Abya Yala (South America) "


Documentary note

We are currently facing the largest territorial reorganization carried out on the continent since the European invasion. The political map we know of South America is being quietly and constantly redrawn behind our backs. Mega infrastructure works are currently being built in every corner of our Abya Yala (South America): Roads, tunnels, ports, hydroelectric plants, waterways, in order to facilitate, intensify, speed up and chain the extraction of natural assets, redesigning the geography of the continent and imposing a total neoliberal territoriality based on capitalist plunder.

The IIRSA (Initiative for the Integration of the South American Regional Infrastructure) is not simply a technical-material adaptation, but rather constitutes an advanced colonizer never imagined –in economic, political and cultural terms- over the entire subcontinent.

The documentary is the result of the common work of individuals and groups from the semi-arid north of the Chilean region, who from the investigation, reflection and debate of the subject, -and being witnesses of the almost absolute disinformation that exists especially in Chile in this regard- have come generating actions and strategies for the visibility, dissemination and counter-information of the conflict, seeking to agitate from an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian perspective for the resistance of the peoples, from the cities, fields, seas against the domination and devastation of our land, of which we are part .

The documentary was made during the winter of 2016 in the semi-arid north, from the compilation and recovery of images, videos, and documentaries stored on the net that we took the liberty of downloading, reusing and resignifying in this video-documentary: IIRSA The Infrastructure of Devastation.


Video: A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity 2016 - Free Full Documentary (May 2022).


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