From the web you will be able to know the environmental problems of the planet

From the web you will be able to know the environmental problems of the planet

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Launched by the Davos Forum, the website will allow you to travel the planet through satellite images and discover the environmental problems that affect each area, such as deforestation, urban pollution, rising sea levels or the state of the oceans, as well as the solutions to them.

The image of the terrestrial globe is approached and enlarged to know how each area has evolved in the last 20 years, what environmental and social problems it currently suffers and what are the options to solve them

The “EarthTime” website, launched on the occasion of last Sunday's celebration of Earth Day, combines NASA space images (1984 to 2016) with expert analysis on how man is altering the ecosystem of our planet .

The main topics analyzed by the experts are:deforestation, urban growth, coral bleaching, pollution, fires, glacier status, sea level rise, and status of freshwater bodies.

The images are incredible.

Thefigures and analysis are taken from more than 300 databases of relevant international institutions such as the World Bank, the UN International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), WWF or prestigious universities, institutes and foundations around the world.

According to the Davos Forum (World Economic Forum), the website, created by the Carnegie Mellon University of Washington, will expand information on these issues in the coming months.

"The planet is changing very fast, so eIt is important that citizens understand, through tools like this one, what is happening, where we are going, and what we can do to build a sustainable future for all“Said Professor Illah NourBakhsh, director of Create Lab, the Carnegie Mellon University center that has developed the project.

This is how the Earth has changed in 20 years according to NASA

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