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How to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones

How to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones

Mushrooms are foods for sophisticated palates and are part of many gourmet recipes, but before harvesting them, you must learn to recognize which ones are suitable for human consumption.

The point to observe is in the scales. Edible mushrooms have particular scales that identify them, thus differentiating them from toxic ones. In addition, they are basidiomycetes, which means that they belong to a division of the Fungi kingdom and therefore reproduce through the spores located in the aforementioned scales.

A simple reference is that these mushrooms take on a very similar appearance to traditional mushrooms and usually grow in groups on the bark of trees or in humid areas of the field. Apart from appearance, an edible mushroom can be identified by the aroma or juices it oozes. Even the body's own color shades are a fundamental trait to know if they can be ingested or not.

The season of the year and the area in which they develop is presented as another of the main rules to know if this fungus is suitable for consumption.

Avoid risks

Once we have the edible fungus identified, the most common is to put it upside down so that the spores fall and it can be cooked correctly. The spores can be of very varied colors such as brown, pink, yellow or cream. But do not trust this characteristic, since the color of them does not help to identify the toxicity of the fungi.

The tolerance of the fungus should never be identified by its taste or smell. Infections can even occur in our body with a single touch of the organism on our skin, especially in allergy sufferers. Prevention is always the best option to avoid contracting any type of problem and it is recommended to seek the advice of experts before taking this succulent delicacy to the depths of your stomach.

With the wide variety of mushrooms that exist and the small physical differences that produce large differences in the ingestion of each type of mushroom, the best option is to use the local guides to distinguish the mushrooms that grow in your area.

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