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Arrope de chañar is an excellent cough remedy

Arrope de chañar is an excellent cough remedy

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Adrián Reynoso demonstrated, in the work with which he obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmacy, that mistol and chañar have antitussive, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In the work he analyzed both fruits (from which he extracted extracts), from the Santiago town of Icaño, as well as syrups that the locals produce, and in both cases he verified the properties.

In the laboratory of the Chair of Pharmacochemistry of the Faculty of Biochemistry of the UNT, the team of which Reynoso is part is based. It was founded more than a decade ago by Alicia Sánchez Riera (now retired) to study the plants that native peoples used to treat their diseases. Reynoso's thesis was directed by Nancy Vera, who highlights that the validation of the medicinal properties of plants and the verification of their safety have been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Chañar is a drought resistant tree from which a fruit is obtained that is used to prepare the syrup of chañar. The use of this concoction being sweet is very similar to honey, where its ingredients are chañar, water and sugar. And the syrup is obtained by boiling the fruits, giving it a cooking point and then serving cold. The total process is around 15 hours, and with 6 to 7 kilos of the fruit it is possible to make a 1/4 bottle.

It is used to treat asthma, coughs, flu, and colds. You only need to cook 20 g of bark per liter of water.Lemon juice and honey are added. It should take three cups a day.

"In addition to validating the medicinal use of these fruits, this work can have a strong social impact: preserve ancestral knowledge, and help preserve biodiversity, generate jobs and produce medicines - as long as the correct processes are followed - at a cost much lower than that of laboratories ”, highlights Vera.

“We want to standardize the production of syrup; It should not contain sugar and the temperature conditions will have to be varied, because they lose their anti-inflammatory capacity a little because of the heat ”, he highlights.

Preclinical tests

The investigations of both chañar and mistol surpassed the preclinical trials, and both demonstrated their therapeutic efficacy and safety; the only difference is that the analgesic effect is stronger in the case of chañar. Reynoso says that it acts in a similar way to morphine. "In different doses, of course, but the receptors and antagonists are the same," he clarifies.


Adrián Reynoso's thesis was published in two important scientific journals: “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” and “Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences”.

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