Attack on plastic, original activism

Attack on plastic, original activism

These consumers, tired of companies not taking care of waste, took action against the use of so much unnecessary plastic. They emptied all the products and left the wrappers in the supermarket!

Shoppers at a Tesco supermarket branch have staged a "plastic raid" to protest over-packaging in groceries.

A group of around 25 customers at the supermarket in Keynsham, near Bath, tore the packaging from their products and left it at the checkout counter.

Tony Mitchell, who organized the protest, said that “three huge carts ”were filled with discarded plastic.

Tesco made its defense, alluding that it was “absolutely committed to reducing plastic packaging“.

After completing the action, the protesters put away their scissors and paid for their purchases normally, leaving all the plastic so that the supermarket can take care of it.

Mitchell said the group had been “a little apprehensive", But that the response of the supermarket staff had not been at all"hostile“. “The manager was there and he was being distant but friendly and from what one or two people said, he somehow agreed with this", He said.

He added that the group was not specifically "attacking Tesco" and that in a few days it would deliver another hit at a Sainsbury's location and Waitrose.

On its Faceboock page, the group notifies of its actions:

Here it is! The date and time for our next plastic protest. See you there….

Publiée par Keynsham Plastic Re-Action sur dimanche 8 avril 2018

"We will attack other supermarkets in the city that have not been making as much effort as they could have done," continued Mitchell. "And personally I will be happy to remove all the plastics and leave them in a cart."

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: "We are absolutely committed to reducing plastic packaging and would be delighted to meet with these local activists as we develop our plans to make all of our packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025."

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