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Be careful: drinking too much water can have serious consequences

Be careful: drinking too much water can have serious consequences

It is common for healthy human beings to tell us that they drink a lot of water (liters per day) because it is good for health, but it is not like that for everyone; taking too much does not bring benefits in healthy beings.

Forcing water intake is adequate in only a few conditions:

* Kidney stones (prevents the formation of new stones by approximately 30% and reduces the growth of existing ones)

* Dehydration: but be careful. because depending on the case, salts are usually needed to accompany it

* In the elderly, either due to brain deterioration typical of aging or dementia, sometimes they do not feel thirsty and it is necessary to ensure a minimum income of liquid per day, DO NOT flood them.

But the usual thing is that regulatory mechanisms "warn" us that we need to drink liquids: an increase of only 1% in the concentration of salts in the blood produces thirst.

Conversely, there are situations where excess fluid has serious consequences; examples: heart or liver or kidney failure. There are more situations that we could cite. Looking for information on international politics, I found the site RT (Russia Today) and there an article that I transcribe below. As this is a deeply ingrained popular myth, I will convince only a few. It strikes me that science tries to demonstrate again something already known to experts, for many years.


Anything in excess is bad, even when it comes to drinking water. This has been demonstrated by a group of scientists from Monash University, who question that the recommendation to drink at least eight glasses of water a day is healthy. In the study published in the official journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The researchers analyzed with MRI the processes that arise in the brain when we drink water EVEN IF WE DON'T WANT TO DO IT. Thus they verified that the brain activates a mechanism called "intake inhibition", which serves to protect our body from overhydration that can cause potentially dangerous poisoning for health.

"If we just do what our bodies demand," we'll probably do it right. We have to drink according to our thirst rather than by an elaborate schedule, said Michael Farrell, an associate professor at the university. and one of the study authors


The researchers asked the participants to rate the effort required to drink water under two conditions: the first when they were thirsty and the second following the rule of overloading. And the results showed (something obvious, and known for a long time = personal comment) and that is that drinking more water than we need can be fatal by producing hyponatremia (dilution of the salt of the blood = personal comment): lethargy, nausea , etc. and you can reach a coma.

There have been cases where marathon athletes were instructed to drink a lot of water and died under certain circumstances, as they blindly followed those recommendations and drank more than they needed, the researcher concludes.

Eduardo dos Ramos Farías

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