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This simple method can cure your headaches in minutes

This simple method can cure your headaches in minutes

There are a couple of simple and natural techniques and methods to relieve headaches. Are you curious to know how?

But first, a word about headaches! You should know that headaches can occur in different "areas" so this article will show you all of those. One of the most common "areas" that can occur is at the base of the skull. You can try this simple trick with your friend: simply take his head in your hands and find this ridge at the base of his skull, which is also known as the "occiput."

You will notice that your fingers will sink in and you can get a nice kick back. Of course, you are going to want to check in with your friend and make sure they are comfortable.

The results will surprise you! This is a good way to relieve that area. You can also go a little further. You will find that there are a couple of little bumps there in front of that ridge. You can do some circular motions on them or apply deep pressure to that area, and that feels really good too. So, this is for people who have headaches that originate from the back of the head.

But unfortunately sometimes they wrap to the side and / or they will be in the front here in the temples. And you should also know that this is also quite common. Many people go and try to scrub in this area, which feels good, but it is not where the headache is located.

Here's what you need to do: This area is a little higher up, and if you just follow your fingers here, they'll fall off in a little dip. Right on top of that is a ridge, and that's typically where the spot is. This is very simple: you are just going to make nice, deep, slow movements, keep your fingers in contact on the scalp all the time. And be very careful, because you don't want to bounce off that area, especially if there is a headache and it is sensitive. That will typically help a lot.

One of the most common parts of headaches is the area behind the eyes. So if it's a sinus headache you're going to be applying pressure here. You will need to apply pressure and then let it go. You have to be very careful, because this is a pretty sensitive area.

You're going to go deep enough that you can feel the edge of the eyeball on your finger. They will be able to guide you there so you don't go too far. When there is a headache there, you will actually feel the inflammation. There is going to be a little knot there that feels like a little pebble. It feels like you actually have one there on the right side. So you probably have right side headaches sometimes.

Experts also say that you can push and release, push and release. You do the same. You go up to the top of the arch, as if you were hooking a little with your finger, applying pressure and releasing yourself. Then, all the way to the outside of the eye, such as at the end of the brow, apply pressure and release.

Then you're going to do a final one right in the center of the forehead, and a nice twist around the eyebrows, and a little pull. You should definitely try some of these simple but extremely effective techniques! The results will surprise you!

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