'Trash', a new word to name an environmental problem

'Trash', a new word to name an environmental problem

Libera, the initiative of SEO / BirdLife and Ecoembes to raise awareness against the abandonment of waste in nature, proposes the term 'garbage' to define the environmental problem of the abandonment of waste in natural environments.

Both entities launched this new word in a statement released this Friday, the eve of World Wildlife Day, which is celebrated on Saturday.

“The abandonment of waste in natural environments has become an environmental catastrophe of overwhelming dimensions that affects not only flora and fauna, but also human beings. With ‘trash beauty’ we want to try to reach all citizens, who understand the seriousness of this problem that is already present in any ecosystem on the planet, ”said Nieves Rey, Director of Communication and Marketing at Ecoembes.

Trash, definitions:

def.1 Waste generated by humans and abandoned in nature.

def.2 Sets of elements generated by man that alter the balance of ecosystems.

def.3 Agent of global change that affects species and natural spaces.

The scientific and international community coincide in warning about the possible impacts of the abandonment of garbage in nature, which has a term in English ('littering') not included in the Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the RAE and its possible translations proposed by different Institutions do not always respond to the reality of the phenomenon or contribute to overcoming the challenge of informing public opinion about the scale of the problem and how to start from the solution.

The solution is in everyone's hands

Every action counts. According to Libera, a stick thrown down the toilet in Spain can end up affecting a seahorse on a Pacific island. Nor should it be forgotten that one of the main challenges to tackle this problem is to tackle it on a global scale and from international cooperation.

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