Universal homemade orange cleaner

Universal homemade orange cleaner

It's not just about finding a slightly cheaper alternative to this universal cleaner. We're not talking about starting a hippy lifestyle either, at all. What we want is to simply look for a way to surround ourselves with healthier elements that take care of our health.

We have to bear in mind that there are many harmful substances that are impregnated in our clothes with these soaps, with these detergents. Not only can they be damaging our skin and that of our children, but little by little, all this amount of chemical elements can in the long term bring us other diseases that we are not aware of. We will not only take care of our planet with this type of natural detergents, but we will also take care of our health.

What do we need:

Orange peels or any citrus
Alcohol or white vinegar
.Glass jar
Lemon or citrus essential oil
Spray bottle / spray

How do we do it?

.Place the citrus peels in the jar until full.
We add the vinegar to fill the jar to the top.
We cover and let it rest in a cupboard for 3 weeks.
After that time we strain and add 5 drops of the essential oil.

How to use?

We dilute 1 part of this macerate in 1 part of water and place it in the spray bottle.
We can directly spray it everywhere! Floors, walls, in the entire bathroom, in the kitchen (avoid using it on granite or marble countertops because vinegar is abrasive). We can also wet a cloth with this preparation and clean.

Simple, ecological, versatile. Better impossible, right?

There are other eco-friendly cleaning alternatives to dabble in, such as wash nuts, black ear, etc. It's just a matter of research and testing.

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