Why will France ban eggs from hens raised in cages?

Why will France ban eggs from hens raised in cages?

The French Government has announced that the sale of fresh eggs raised by caged chickens will be banned from 2022 in the country, where only those from animals grown in the open air, considered healthier, will be able to be purchased. “In 2022, fresh eggs will be sold from open-air hatcheries rather than cage ones.

This is a commitment from our (electoral) campaign and we will keep it, ”said Agriculture Minister Stéphane Travert in an interview organized by the Europe 1-CNews-Les Echos media.

Some supermarket chains in France have anticipated the entry into force of this proposal - yet to be approved - and only sell eggs from open-air hatcheries. However, their mass production in cage farmers will not stop in France, as they will continue to be used for processed egg-based products.

According to environmental organizations, eggs raised by caged hens are harmful to animals, since they live crowded together in closed spaces without natural light, and to human health, since hens are more exposed to diseases.

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