Beryl, stone and varieties

Beryl, stone and varieties

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Beryl, stoneand its varieties. Red, green, golden, yellow, transparent beryl… Meaning in crystal therapy and chemical formula.

Beryl, chemical formula

Beryl is a crystalline mineral with the formula Be3To the2(Yes6OR18). Beryl is a mineral that forms during the cooling of magma, which is why it can also be found in very large crystals, up to 150 cm high and with a diameter of 15-20 cm.

Beryl, meaning of the stone

According to crystal therapy, one psudosciencewhich associates various beneficial properties with the stones, theberylit would be able to keep body and mind in balance.

In particular, the mineral would be able to filter external stimuli, helping and improving the concentration of the wearer of the stone.

Depending on the color and type of beryl, itvibrates in tune with various chakras.

Types of beryl, between crystal therapy and chemistry

With the termberyla very large family of mineral stones is identified. It is the presence of foreign ions, in the previously exposed chemical formula, that gives theStonea typical coloring and thus giving rise to different varieties. In jewelers we can often come across various types of beryl Which:

  • Aquamarine
    The color is aqua blue / blue and the agent is iron
  • Emerald
    The color of beryl with chromium or vanadium is green.
  • Pink beryl or Morganite
    The color is pink and is induced by manganese
  • Yellow beryl or Heliodorus
    The color of this type of beryl is yellow, linked to the presence of uranium oxide.
  • Golden beryl
    In addition to uranium oxides, there is the presence of ferrous oxides.
  • Red beryl
    Red beryl is characterized by the presence of manganese oxide.

Returning to crystal therapy and the benefits of stone, we see that:

  • Blue / azure beryl (aquamarine) stimulates concentration.
  • Green beryl promotes self acceptance and painful events, assists the healing processes.
  • Pink beryl is the bearer of love and is able to bring back old dormant feelings, useful in couples who have been together for a long time.
  • Yellow beryl increases strength and potency.

There is a clarification to be made aboutyellow beryland theheliodor. Yellow beryl is calledheliodorbut it should not be confused with thegolden beryl. Golden beryl, unlike emerald or other types of beryl, has very few defects.

Heliodor is a yellow with shades that can go green. Thegolden berylhas a colorgoldattributed to the additional presence of iron oxides.

The golden beryl, in addition to being the bearer of strength and power, supports spiritual growth and is perfect for those who want to work on themselves.

Pure Beryl or Goshenite

There is an additional type ofberyl, less known. It is transparent and was first discovered in Massachusetts.

Since all colors are related to the presence of ions in the mineral, its colorless form embodies the pure beryl. The value of thepure berylit is relatively low, in fact it is used as a source of colored beryl.

In its transparent form, beryl helps shield from distractions. Protects from stress and unnecessary things. Remove obsessive thoughts and improve concentration.

Beryl, price

The price of beryl varies according to its type. The beryl with the highest economic value is aquamarine, oneStoneindicated for those who tend to hold a grudge or feed anger: it is useful for relieving tensions and stress and for embarking on a path made of positivity and resilience. Together with the emerald (green beryl), aquamarine is considered the crystal of self-healing. Some types of beryl, especially golden beryl and blue beryl (aquamarine) share manyproperty beneficial, recognized in crystal therapy and meanings with Agate and Lapis Lazuli stones.

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