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Magnolia in pot

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A guide forgrow magnolia in pots. Japanese magnolia and other types. Pruning, fertilizer and what to do if magnolia does not flower.

Grow potted magnolia

Theremagnoliait's easy tocultivateand fits well withcultivation in pots. It is resistant to diseases and can only be sensitive to a few fungal attacks. It cancultivatealso on abalconyin the heart of the city because it resists pollution and smog.

Variety of magnolias

There are manytypes of magnolias which, in botany, it would be more appropriate to define themvariety. In any case, it is aboutstripping plantswith early flowering and slow growth. Themagnoliasthey are native to tropical and temperate regions. For this reason, they are not muchfrost resistant but they manage to resist the cold down to - 5 ° C. Betweentypes of magnoliafromgrow in potswe point out theJapanese magnoliaand the stellate magnolia.

Japanese magnolia

His name ismagnolia kobbus, also known asJapanese magnoliafor its origins. It has a compact bearing andin potmanages to reach a height of 3 - 4 meters.

It tolerates calcareous soil, so it does not require attention in irrigation: it is preferable to use distilled water, such as water from the conditioner, however, if the tap water is moderately calcareous it will not be necessary to acidify it.

HisflowersI'mstarredand they appear even before the leaves, between the months of March and April.

Magnolia stellata or white magnolia

Therestarry magnoliahas a shrubby habit, in the open ground it reaches a maximum height of 5 meters while in pots it stops at 3. It is cultivated for the beauty of itswhite flowerswith petals up to 7 cm wide.

It's aearly flowering magnolia, for this reason, it should be kept in a sheltered position because late frosts could damage the flowering. If you have onemagnolia that does not bloomyou should probably reconsider the climate factor. Low temperatures, in fact, are a penalizing factor that may not make the magnolia bloom. Thismagnoliait should be grown inacid soilsand for this reason, for its irrigation, you should follow the instructions seen in the articlehow to irrigate acidophilic plants.

Magnolia cultivation in pots

The signs forgrow magnoliaare universal and valid for allvariety who have similar needs. Except for theJapanese magnoliathat tolerates a calcareous soil, allmagnoliasthey want asoil with slightly acidic pH.

The soil must be light, well-drained and fertile. In case ofmagnolia that does not flower, the quality of the soil must be re-evaluated. If you irrigate with very calcareous water, you will need to use a soil for acidophilic plants. If you use distilled water from the conditioner for irrigation, you can use a universal soil.

You canfertilizewith a fertilizer for acidophilic plants. This type of fertilizer is not difficult to find. On Amazon you can buy a bottle at a price of 12.90 euros with free shipping. For all information on purchasing and above all to get an idea of ​​the formulation of a product suitable forfertilize magnolias, we refer you to the official Amazon page:fertilizer for acidophilic plants FarmaP.

Magnolia, repotting

Therepottingit can take place at any time of the year when the climate is mild! Consequently, in our country, the best time forrepot the magnoliafall in autumn or spring. Better to avoid summer when the plant is in full vegetation and therefore more sensitive.

Exhibition, where to place the potted magnolia

The plants of magnoliasthey want a sunny exposure. A lack ofSunit may cause poor flowering. If the sunny positions on the balcony are the windiest ones, then place it in partial shade. Theremagnoliadoes not tolerate strong winds well.

Magnolia, pruning and other care

Themagnoliasdo not require a particularpruning. The only pruning required involves minor adjustments to maintain the shape. For prune the magnoliait is necessary to intervene after flowering.

More mature plants need less care. Typically, themagnoliait is very resistant to aphids, parasites or viral diseases. If, however, in the garden or on the balcony, you have other plants affected by fungal diseases, it is better to carry out preventive treatments also on magnolia with cupric preparations.

Magnolia, price

The price of a potted magnolia? For a specimen placed in a 22 cm diameter pot, the cost varies between 15 and 25 euros depending on the variety and the nursery that offers it.

When buying, it is advisable to choose specimens that are already in bloom so as not to risk buying plants that are too young. If you have onemagnolia that does not flower, it may be that the plant is not ripe. Only the most mature plants produce flowers.

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