Posidonia Green Festival: art, environment and sustainability

Posidonia Green Festival: art, environment and sustainability

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Posidonia Green Festival, for those who want to end the summer by dedicating attention to the environment and the sea, in particular, where many spend their holidays and then forget to preserve their health in the remaining months of work elsewhere. It is not only the sea, the protagonist of the Posidonia Green Festival, from 1 to 3 September in Santa Margherita Ligure, but they are all those who care about nature and want to deepen opportunities for sustainable tourism and responsible consumption by turning to an exhibition animated by concerts, screenings, conferences, workshops and many outdoor activities.

The Posidonia Green Festival, in its third edition, was born in defense of Posidonia oceanica. If the name does not sound known, here is the secret: it is a plant that hosts most of the marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea, precious because it protects the coasts and beaches from erosion

Posidonia Green Festival, in name and in fact

Before revealing the program of the Festival, it should be noted that the "green" inserted in the name is not an attempt at marketing, since today "green is very popular": it corresponds to the truth. Since its inception this initiative not only addresses important environmental issues but pays attention to nature even in small big things.

It is organized aiming at minimal paper consumption and the use of biodegradable plastics, the decorations were made in recycled material and on every day electric public transport is promoted, they eat plocal products at zero km and you do the recycling.

Posidonia Green Festival: initiatives

The third edition of the Posidonia Green Festival, like the previous ones, is based on cinema, music, circus arts, workshops for children, excursions, conferences, occasions to then stop at the Festival also to enjoy aperitifs and dinners with organic products.

Every day there is also the opportunity, both for lunch and dinner, thanks to Streat Fish, to eat a good plate of sustainable, fresh and traditional local fish, accompanied by a good glass of white wine of ecological production, on the spot and enjoying the Ligurian seascape.

They are then illustrated in the Ecofiera projects related to sustainability and ecology with particular attention to the marine ecosystem, among the guests there are also NGOs, artisans, companies, institutional bodies and the creators of innovative projects.

Posidonia Green Festival: program

Organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure, the Protected Marine Area of ​​Portofino, the Park of Portofino, the Cinque Terre National Park and many other "friends", the Posidonia Green Festival has a busy and interesting three-day program.

After the opening, on Friday 1 September at 5 pm, with the traveling circus show "The Pilgrims Cabinet", from Australia, workshop of construction of musical instruments for children and at 6 pm, for those who have signed up, the first one starts excursion, at sea, with aperitif, on board the Video Boat around Christ of the Abyss. In connection with a scuba diver, you can admire the views below sea level explained by a science communicator in real time.

At 7 pm the photographic exhibition opens dry "Being like water - reconnecting to the Planet", visible until the end of the festival. Also on Friday at 8 pm the concert is scheduled "The cheerful trattoria" followed by the conference "Participation and territory" with the presence of Surfrider Foundation, Portofino Park and Cinque Terre Park. Goodnight they give the dance with the fire and the screening of "Mare Nostro" by Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola, dedicated to Port of Molfetta.

Saturday morning the Posidonia Green Festival starts with snorkeling on the beach at Punta Pedale under the guidance of marine biologists with the possibility of trying the full-face masks Easybreath by Tribord. Those who miss the early appointment can try again at 3 pm but at 4 pm we leave for an excursion in Portofino Park, from Santa Margherita Ligure to the Mulino del Gassetta where you can taste the first craft beer "La Portofinese". The laziest can stay at the Festival for the acrobatic performance "Slackline water-line " followed by the children's workshop "The sounds of the park".

At 18 in the Bay of Niasca young and old are called to participate in the Posidonia Sup Race, SUP race in the Bay of Paraggi, dance and capoeira shows begin in the evening and the concert by Rocco Papia, voice and guitar solo to close with the conference "Global Warming and the Effects on Mare Nostrum ", a street circus show and the film / documentary by Leonardo di Caprio "Point of no return".

The last day of Posidonia Green Festival is especially dedicated to children with the workshop "The garden of Poseidon" dedicated to oceanic posidonia and with the performance of Slackline water-line until the conclusion between music and artistic creations made with recycled material.

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