Fuchsia: plant and flowers

Fuchsia: plant and flowers

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Fuchsia, a plant and a flower, and also an essence that has precious powers for those suffering from anxiety. The name is a tribute to the German botanist Leonhard Fuchs, this applies both to the fuchsia plant and to the color we know well today, that very intense pink. Returning to the plant, the first European country in which it spread was England, we are at the end of the nineteenth century, then it also arrived in Italy where it is quite well known but not as widespread as it deserves. In the world they exist over 100 species, most of them are shrubs or small trees with an upright or declining habit.

Fuchsia: perennial succulent plant

Originals from Central South America and New Zealand, the various species of plant fuchsia also have different appearances, they can be deciduous or evergreen. Those successfully cultivated also in our parts, with our climate, are above all rustic species, small or medium-sized, perennial and which in winter must be protected in greenhouses.

The stems are branched, semi-woody, green with reddish hues, the leaves are bright green and oval or lanceolate with an entire or serrated margin.

Fuchsia: flowers

What strikes the plant are the flowers, this often happens but in the case of fuchsia it is inevitable and predictable because they are among the most spectacular and exotic that can also be found in Italian gardens. Moreover, they bloom in spring and also in autumn.

Pendulous, with four elongated sepals, they form a tubular structure with four petals or more because there are many also in double flower or double flower. Their beauty is known to many and has given rise to nicknames such as earrings or ballet flats.

Initially, the color of the flowers of the fuchsia plant was pink to red but over the years varieties have been created with flowers also white, orange, lilac, blue, purple. The inflorescences then give way to small fleshy berries containing some small seeds.

Fuchsia plant in pot

Depending on the species, the dimensions vary a lot, the height goes from 25 cm to 100-150 for rustic species, in nature then the Fuchsia reaches even 2 m in height. When grown in pots, it stays under one meter but it is a beautiful plant and also very useful due to its essence, considered to be a precious emotional drainage.In fact, it would seem that it is good for those who repress emotions and find it difficult to express their sensations and feelings, promoting calm and serenity.

Fuchsia plant: cultivation

It is not an easy plant to grow, especially since the Mediterranean is not its native climate. We try to do what we can watering it regularly from March to October because it does not tolerate prolonged drought, let's arrange it in soft soils rich in organic matter, very well drained and repot it every spring. The threats to this plant are represented by water stagnation and from aphids that strike young shoots in spring.

Fuchsia plant: exposure

The best positions for Fuchsia are those very bright but which do not provide for direct contact with the sun's rays for long periods, rather the shady areas are better suited. In the garden these plants are grown well during the summer, in winter they should be placed in a greenhouse with a minimum temperature close to 9-12 ° C. In Italy, Fuchsia is fine in the North where it finds a cool climate with a large temperature range between day and night.

Fuchsia: seeds

The seeds of the Fuchsia plant are contained in the berries but it is difficult for them to actually produce in our climates. If the reproduction does not happen by seeds, it can happen by semi-woody cuttings, using stems that did not produce flowers. Or you can buy the seeds online, on Amazon.

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