Diet midnight snack

Diet midnight snack

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Midnight snack, many condemn it but there are those who are unable to avoid it and also those who believe that it can make people sleep better. Beyond these currents of thought on this one snack break at night, let's see what it is best to eat so as not to gain weight and not even ruin our sleep.

Midnight snack: what to eat

It happens that, especially if you dine early and go to bed late, you are prey to pangs of hunger around midnight. By resisting, you lose sleep, or you would wake up at 2 or 3, and then better have a midnight snack in the best possible way. IS' a habit that would be better to break, but it's not that simple because it is addictive, but it upsets our circadian rhythms so it's not really part of a healthy lifestyle.
Also for do not run the risk of gaining weight, let's see how to make a fairly balanced meal in order to remain satisfied.

Diet midnight snack

A midnight snack to stay on the line but feed it could be based on yogurt and fruit, or with yogurt to add a teaspoon of hazelnut cream and a teaspoon of sugar: delicious but healthy! Who loves dates can eat 5 or 6, smoothies, along with milk and a spoonful of cocoa or sugar, a midnight snack delicious and very energetic.

Even the ice cream it's not a bad idea at all, a sorbet or even a croissant, just don't overdo the quantities, the same applies if we want to prepare a fruit ricotta cream, with a teaspoon of sugar.

For those who love salty and want some advice to feed themselves at night, there is the Parmesan Cheese, as an idea, to be associated with pears, but who prefers only fruit to feel even lighter, you can opt for a smoothie with avocado and banana, to which add coconut water which promotes sleep.

Midnight spaghetti

There midnight pasta it is a whim that can be removed from time to time without too many feelings of guilt, but it is clear that it must be every now and then and not often. There is a recipe that some call "midnight pasta ", and it's a tastier version of spaghetti with garlic and oil, but there are many other ways to cook pasta for spaghetti night, simple ways and digestible dishes.

If we love to eat at this time i carbohydrates even if it is not recommended, instead of pasta we can focus on other types of lighter and more digestible midnight snacks. A slice of homemade cake, for example, simple and healthy, or biscuits of shortcrust pastry also stuffed with hazelnut cream or jam.

Midnight snack: recipes

In the book "Snacks and appetizers", Born from the collaboration between Giunti and Slow Food, we can browse many easy and healthy midnight snack ideas. These are recipes that can be taken out not only in the middle of the night but also for an aperitif or a snack, for a picnic or a snack on the go.

Midnight spaghetti: film

It has little to do with real midnight snacks: "Spaghetti at midnight" it's a Sergio Martino film released in Italian cinemas on February 26, 1981, among the protagonists there are also Barbara Bouchet, Lino Banfi and Teo Teocoli.

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