Ox blood, composition and uses

Ox blood, composition and uses

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Ox blood, characteristics and composition of the fertilizer. On which plants to use it, how to use it and advice on choosing.

Ox blood, what is it

Theox bloodit's afertilizer based on Nitrogen (chemical symbol N) very useful for plants. Generally it is liquid and must be used diluted in water and added by means of fertigation some plants.

What is ox blood fertilizer made of? Once upon a time only animal blood was used for the production of ox blood.

Today, the production of ox blood can vary from producer to producer, generally the houses use molasses obtained as vegetable waste from the processing of beet (that's why the red color!). However, some companies continue to add dried blood to the commercial ox blood composition.

When the company uses real animal blood, it generally specifies the ingredients on the purchase package. In fact, under the heading "Organic components" we read "dry blood". When real animal blood is used to fertilize plants, immediately, the same plants cannot then be used to feed farm animals. The prescribed wait is generally 21 days. Generally, farmers prefer to use real ox blood fertilizer but these are very subjective choices.

Ox blood, for which plants

Theox bloodit's afertilizerbased on nitrogen, nitrogen is an essential element for the survival of all plants! Theox bloodin fact, it can be administered to fruit plants, horticultural plants, ornamental plants, green plants and flowering plants.

Ox blood for tomatoes

The ox blood for tomatoes it can be especially useful when tomato plants show up yellowed leaves. In this context, it is better to administer a specific fertilizer or ox blood enriched with iron. As for the fertilization of tomatoes to improve their pulp and production, I have explained a lot in the articlefertilizer for tomatoes.

Ox blood for citrus

Ox blood can be the perfect fertilizer for citrus fruits as well. Lemons, oranges and mandarins have a high nitrogen requirement. For a quick intervention it is possible to fertilize citrus fruits with ox blood while for a maintenance fertilization it is possible to add ground lupine to the first layers of soil, at the foot of the plant.

Ox blood, composition

The general composition provides a high presence of nitrogen in organic, mineral or urea form. Many producers enrich the ox blood compositionwith the addition of iron chelates, precious for the plant.

Powdered or liquid ox blood

Generally, on the market we find liquid ox blood, in concentrated solution to be diluted. There are, however, solutions in powder or granular form. Liquid fertilizer is easier to dose than the powdered counterpart.

Ox blood, price and where to find it

Ox's blood is easy to find in gardening or agricultural stores, it can also be found on Amazon where you can buy it at a price of 8.90 euros with free shipping (referring to the product Sangue di Bue Compo enriched with iron). The price may change depending on the retailer and manufacturer.

In any case, regardless of the manufacturer, among the various proposals on the market I recommend choosing ox blood enriched with iron like the one I mentioned earlier.

For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you to this Amazon page.

How to use it?
In the case of the product mentioned, simply dilute a measuring cap in 8 liters of water and irrigate the plants every 10 days from spring to late autumn. The producer recommends continuing to fertilize the plants, once a month, in the winter period however, in my opinion, fertilizing in winter should be completely interrupted in order not to interfere with the physiological vegetative rest of the plants.

The dilutions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is better to always read the labels before use.

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