Tea tree essential oil, all the info

Tea tree essential oil, all the info

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Tea tree essential oil, all the information on how to use it and where to find it. How to use tea tree oil as a natural remedy for various ailments. From DIY cream to internal use.

L'tea tree essential oil, also saidtea tree oil or tea plant oil, is a good antiseptic and antifungal, has a purifying effect on the senses and helps strengthen the immune system. What is it for? Thanks to property just mentioned, thetea tree oil it is used as a natural remedy to treat candida, eliminate acne and pimples and also against ailments such as sore throats and itching. It is a valuable resource in aromatherapy.

Before going into detail about the price and uses of thetea tree oil let's review the basic concepts of aromatherapy and the concept of essential oil.

What is an essential oil?

L'essential oilis a chemically complex substance, made up of a mixture of terpenes, phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters and ethers.

Theessential oilsare produced by the metabolism of an aromatic plant and extracted with different methods, mainly by steam distillation as in the case of tea tree oil.

Aessential oilhaspropertydifferent that depend on the species from which it is derived. When aessential oilit is used for health purposes we speak ofaromatherapy. Essential oils used for internal use must be labeled with the wording"Food grade", "for food", "For internal use" orsimilar. An essential oil not accompanied by similar terms, is considered for external use only.

Tea tree essential oil, properties

L'tea tree essential oil,better defined as "tea tree essential oil", Is extracted from the leaves of thetea tree alternifolia, a plant species of Australian origin.

Thanks to hispropertycurative and disinfectants, thetea tree essential oilit is often used in natural cosmetics for sensitive skin or to treat acne; thanks to its disinfectant power, thetea tree essential oilit is also used for household cleaning and linen.

Tea tree oil, what is it for?

L'tea tree oilit is considered an effective natural remedy for:

  • acne and pimples
  • bruises
  • sunburn and sunburn
  • boils and abscesses
  • herpes
  • insect bites
  • respiratory tract infections
  • vaginal infections, candida and cystitis
  • warts
  • varicose veins
  • dermatitis
  • dental plaque

Tea tree oil, appropriately titled, is also very popular forinternal use. It is used as a food supplement to protect the body and help its immune defenses.

How to exploit the properties of tea tree oil

You can add a few drops of this essential oil to a neutral base cream but, even better, you can create massage ointments to prevent and counter dermatitis, pimples, acne, herpes ... Essential oils should never be used pure on the skin but always diluted . So DO NOT resort to remedies that involve the use oftea tree oilpure.

To increase the absorption of the active ingredients contained in tea tree oil, the ideal would be to dilute a few drops in a carrier oil such as almond oil. Almond oil has a high moisturizing power and is easily absorbed. For every information:sweet almond oil, properties.

Tea tree oil and candida

The tea tree oil is a popular natural remedy to soothe the effects of candida, a fungal infection of the genital tract (or oral cavity) that can affect both men and women. In the article "How to cure candida with natural remedies"We explain how to use thetea tree oilto treat candida and other dietary and health strategies to eliminate and prevent the onset of candidiasis.

Tea tree oil to clean the house

To disinfect the house in a natural way, especially for cleaning the refrigerator or other surfaces in close contact with food, you can use a solution made up of water, sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of tea tree oil.

Tea tree essential oil can be added to the washing machine to better disinfect the laundry or to the dishwasher and dryer in case of bad smells. It is also useful for better cleaning surfaces.

Tea tree essential oil, where to buy?

In shops specialized in natural cosmetics or natural products. Make sure you choose one essential oil quality: when it comes to aromatherapy and natural remedies based on essential oils, the success of a treatment is closely related to the quality of the oil chosen; the active ingredients of essential oils are preserved only if the production process is followed with extreme care so as to respect the characteristics of each plant.

For these reasons we invite you to buy (online or in trusted shops) only essential oils of proven quality. Among the various market proposals, we point out an excellent product with a good value for money. This is theTea tree essential oil(tea tree oil) from the artnaturals house which is able to offer an excellent therapeutic grade product. The price is also good: a 120 ml bottle on Amazon can be bought for 12.95 euros. Speaking of price, in the shops of natural products, with about 10 euros generally you get bottles of 40 - 50 ml. Regardless of the product you choose, never skimp on the price! As stated, quality is everything in aromatherapy.

For more information on the product mentioned, please refer to the Amazon page: ArtNaturals 120 ml bottle.

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