Wagyu meat: benefits

Wagyu meat: benefits

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Wagyu meat, from Japan, tender that there is no need to set the table including the knife. It would remain unused. Its softness is not the only feature that makes it valuable and expensive. Let's see what benefits the consumption of Wagyu meat always admitted to find it and to be able to afford it.

Wagyu meat

There Wagyu meat it takes its name from the breed of cattle from which it is derived, cattle that originate from a region of Japan around the city of Kobe. The term Wagyu explicitly means "wa", Japanese, and "gyu", beef, so it translates as "Japanese beef", a beef that is becoming more and more known for its typical marbling, that is the presence of veins of fat within the muscle tissue that make it look like marble. Also the high cost it is certainly a peculiarity that makes it recognizable.

Wagyu or Kobe meat

Also called of Kobe, this meat is considered a top by those who love that of cattle and some expert chefs suggest, to enjoy it at its best, to savor it first holding your nose, then starting to chew free nostrils.

A trick that allows us to better appreciate its goodness. In addition to the marbling that distinguishes it, the Wagyu meat it is known for its red color, given by the moist and thin muscle fibers, which are intertwined with the presence of fat rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Also obviously the flavor of Japanese beef it is unique like the sweet and full-bodied scent, which is released at a temperature of 80 °, then it must be blanched a minute apart.

Waygu meat: benefits

There Wagyu meat it is a valuable source of iron and protein, especially iron because it contains it in a form that is easily assimilated by the body. It is a food recommended for those suffering from anemia.
In a portion of Kobe beef, about 115 grams, there are 280 calories, with 22 g of protein, 28 g of lipids, including 11 g of saturated fat, 1.5 g of trans fat and cholesterol.

It is not at all low in fat, compared to the standard, and you can already guess by seeing its appearance. The fats present in the meat of Kobe beef they are mostly saturated fats so certainly not very recommended. This does not at all mean that it is a meat to be avoided, it must be taken in the right quantity, because its benefits are valuable.

Wagyu meat: Milan

In the Brera area you can taste the Wagyu meat in the room "Yazawa"Which offers a wide selection of Japanese dishes, including Kobe beef, cooked with the method traditional Yakiniku, with the typical grill also used for vegetables.

At the moment in Milan as in the rest of Italy and Europe it seems that the Wagyu meat must be served without the bone, because the European Union does not allow the entry of Japanese steaks and ribs, but there is a negotiation underway and things could change shortly, especially since it is an increasingly fashionable food.

Wagyu meat: Rome

Turning around the capital in search of Japanese beef, you arrive near Villa Borghese to enter the Kilo Restaurant where it is almost a must to taste one unforgettable Japanese barbecue.

Wagyu meat: price

In the most common cuts, except fillet, the Waygu meat it can cost come on 150 euros per kg and up. It is a high price that can be explained by the high quality supply chain that is ensured. I are checked pedigree of steers selected, the meat is drawn with identification code to ten digits and a is made evaluation of the quality of the meat and animal welfare in a systematic way.

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