Mango wood

Mango wood

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The mango wood it is increasingly used and appreciated also in our parts, even if not yet as appreciated as the fruit. It has peculiar characteristics and cannot be used for everything, architects who were born where themango wood and mango are part of the landscape and traditional cuisine, architects who travel the world to innovate like Diébédo Francis Kéré.

Mango wood

One of the reasons why the mango wood and devote an article to it is the fact that it is a sustainable wood. What does it mean?

Simply that when you use it you do not go to eliminate a plant on purpose but you take advantage of a mango tree that has already been planted for its fruits, collected by farmers to be exported or used on site. It therefore turns out that mango wood and mango fruits go hand in hand and are appreciated without waste, because the latter is used when the tree stops bearing fruit.

Mango wood: characteristics

The mango trunk may also have a diameter of 5 meters and in height it reaches i 70 meters. It does not take centuries to grow like this, it is quite fast but it is also often the subject of diseases, affected by particularly dangerous fungi. From an aesthetic point of view, the mango trunk tends to gray, on the outside, but the wood is of a very pleasant sweet brown.

Mango wood in Burkina Faso

The illuminating architect already mentioned, Diébédo Francis Kéré, in Burkina Faso has created and is carrying out numerous projects that have mango wood as the protagonist. Not only in his country of origin, actually, also because this professional has traveled the world and founded Kéré Architecture, his studio, based in Berlin, in 2004.

It is in Burkina Faso, however, in Gando, that Kéré is making a project dedicated to mango trees, even before they become mango wood because his dream is not to build schools, not only that. He aims to create a kind of oasis for the inhabitants. So here he is creating one plantation of mango trees which with its fruits nourishes the local population and at the same time provides shade in an area where temperatures during the day can reach 40 ° C. From an educational point of view, entrusting each boy with a tree, they are taught how to plant and care for them.

The cultivation techniques are innovative from various points of view. During implant preparation no harmful insecticides are used because you dig a hole and fill it with old bones and meat which, attracting the ants, make these little animals eat the termites. In search of shade, farmyard animals naturally fertilize mango trees and use them to wet them traditional clay pots with a sort of filter cap that makes the water flow slowly, without being wasted.

Mango wood: furniture

Mango wood furniture is movable also appreciated because they are sustainable and the raw material is more usable than other hardwoods which take a long time to grow.

The great thing about mango wood is that it is easy to work with and inexpensive to buy, its consistency allows you to create unique shapes with original finishes. From an aesthetic point of view, the possibility that this wood gives is also very welcome vary the shades that go from light brown to dark brown. On the market we find and will find more and more chairs, wardrobes, even beds and kitchen tables in mango wood.

Mango wood: resistant

Known for its low density and hardness, this wood is mainly used to create the internal part of ethnic furniture because it cannot boast a particular resistance. Another frequent use is that of creation of small objects, decorations and knick-knacks.

Mango wood: price

Among the various accessories that we can find on the market, made of mango wood, here is a elegant cutting board, brown, on Amazon for sale at 21 euros, made of beautiful mango wood with designs and veins, 23 X 50 X 1, 5 cm high.

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