Changing eating and mental habits

Changing eating and mental habits

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Change habits creating better ones or adopting the habit of not having my habits. The first choice is simpler, the second can be a lifestyle that is not always manageable in a world where it is hard to change habits. I am not referring only to food ones, on the contrary, there are habits that are much more difficult to change and that become cages.

Change your lifestyle

Before change lifestyle habits there are steps to be taken so that efforts are not in vain. Better to choose first what we really want, in which direction we want to change. The simplest process for changing habits is to replace them with others that more adhere to our desires. Eliminating habits leaves a void, bad habits, in fact, often survive for a long time because they serve to fill a void, a void that can be scary.

After understanding what we want, it is necessary to concretize defining specific objectives and goals, measurable, ambitious but achievable, even by setting a deadline otherwise we end up procrastinating.

The environment and the people around us are also very important when we want to change habits, they can provide motivation or they can make us fall into temptation. Filling your fridge with sweets doesn't help you change your diet and make it healthier. This is just a trivial but real example.

Change your eating habits

Just mentioning the fridge full of sweets brings us to the idea of change eating habits to try and adopt a healthy diet for our body. On the goal of this change it is good consult an expert because not all diets suit age, corporation, weight and lifestyle.

Furthermore, it is good to understand that the change power supply does not necessarily mean becoming ascetics, we listen to our body and do not force too much less than precise clinical prescriptions. It is important, by changing eating habits, not to be influenced by the many diets that go crazy without scientific support, creating only a lot of chaos and even some health risks for those who fall for it.

Change your habits in 21 days

In 21 days you can change many habits only if a change is applied in each of these days. It is step by step, day by day, with constancy, that the real change takes place, but often the upheavals are deleterious, both for the body and for the mind and soul. To change, you need to take a closer look what to want is power, and we want!

We don't invent revolutions from scratch but let's make a lot of small ones every day proceeding with caution but not by chance, but following a plan that we will have previously drawn up, setting goals and deadlines. In this revolution, the evolution of habits of life, is essential to have fun. Without the motivation and pleasure of doing it, it's hard to change, if not impossible.

Change mental habits

In the volume by Roberto Re "Change without fear"Is effectively explained" how to overcome the challenge of change in work, in relationships, in life ". Also available on Amazon, this book is truly a useful practical guide full of concrete and immediately applicable ideas.

Change habits to change your life

Last tip for change habits, is to keep a diary, a Bullet Journal or in any case to keep track of what we do and especially progress. It is important to have them in front of your eyes because looking at the road already traveled, the horizon that awaits us will make us much less afraid.

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