Wine glasses, types

Wine glasses, types

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Wine glasses, types and names. A guide to serving any type of wine with the right glass.

Can you recognize the wine glasses? There are not only the classicsgoblets, there are severaltypes of wine glasseswith different names, uses and characteristics. When serving wine, are you sure you are not mistaking the glass? Here are all the tips for serving wine at the best temperature and with the right glass.

Wine glasses, types

Thereclassic series of wine glassesincludes 15 models. The differentglassesthey are used for young and fresh wines such as Ligurian Vermentino, sweet aromatic sparkling wines, such as Moscato d'Asti. So you should have 15 different glass sets in the house? No. Not even iSommelierthe more driven they go so far. All thetypes of wine glassesthey are rarely encountered even in common restaurants. Think about it, how many times, after you ordered the wine, did the waiter change the standard glass in the mise en place? To me very few!

At home, if you want to stand out in serving wines, you will need to have four sets of wine glasses, each to serve specific categories of wines. In addition, there is what everyone defines "Sommelier glassWhich is nothing more than a common tasting glass.

Glass for white wine

In glasses for full-bodied and mature whites, wines with these characteristics such as a Chardonnay, a Sauvignon, Muller or Thurgau can be served. In the glass for full-bodied bamchi you can also serve rosé wines such as Salento or a Santa Maddalena.

Glasses for red wine

For red wine, two glasses are typically used, one more rounded (Ballon) and one narrower. The rounded one is used for full-bodied and aged reds, such as Bordaux Gran Cru and Bougogne. The young red wine glass is often called “Bordeux” and is used to serve any light red wine.

Red wine and decanter

More than the Ballon glass, for aged and well-structured wines, the decanter cannot be missing at home. In this article I explain when to use the decanter for red wines or for white wines.Decanter, what is it for.

Sparkling wines and champagne

The winechampagnait can be served in the flute or in the cup, similarly sparkling wines can be served both in the cup and in the flute.

Names of wine glasses

THEwine glassesthey are commonly defined "goblets" except for the "flute", the elongated sparkling wine glass with a cup, a glass for liqueur wines. Often, wine glasses are identified with thefirst namethe type of wine that can be served inside. In the photo below you can have fun reading some associations between the different types of wine and glasses.

For example, in the photo above, the author indicated the round glass with the name of a wine, Bourgogne. Certainly that glass will not only be used for Bourgogne but also for all well-structured and full-bodied red wines. The rounded glasses are generically identified with the nameBallon.

How to hold the wine glass in your hand

Here is another thorny question, there are thosehugswith all the fingers, who lets it slide between index and middle fingers and who, instead, holds it by the base or the stem.

In reality, the wine glass must be held in the hand by grasping it in the area furthest from the contents, so yes, it must be held with the fingers on the stem or at the base. The reason? The temperature of the wine. The glass of wine should be hugged or let slip with the stem between index and middle only in order to heat it to enjoy it at the ideal temperature.

Sommelier glass, the glass for tasting

The tasting glass oISO glass, is often used as a ploy to replace the different ones types of glass. It is used internationally by allsommelierto test any type of wine and, therefore, it is perfect for everything.

The ISO glass or sommelier glass is the right choice even when different types of wine are served at the table to please all guests. Sommelier glasses are easy to find but sometimes a set can be very expensive. A great product can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 23.40 (free shipping) for the classic set of 6. For all product information, I refer you to the official Amazon page: ISO glasses.

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