Fish for marine aquarium

Fish for marine aquarium

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Fish for marine aquarium:a list for those who are starting to populate their first marine aquarium. Curiosities about octopuses, seahorses and colorful fish.

If you are thinking of setting up a marine aquarium know that you are about to set out on a path made ofinfinite wonders!In this article, I'll just give you a little taste of the endless possibilities you have. I will speak mainly of fish but I will spend a few words on octopuses and seahorses.

Fish for marine aquarium

If you love our depths you can organize a beautiful Mediterranean aquarium. The fish that I will list here, however, are not typical of our aquatic environment but are commonly found in the Pacific, Indian or, in some cases, the Atlantic Ocean. Let's start with the most popular!

Clown fish in the aquarium

There are many species of fish commonly known as "clownfish". They all belong to the Amphiprioninae subfamily and are native to the Indian Ocean. The clown fish has become popular with the cartoonFinding Nemo and by now everyone knows that it loves to hide in anemones (better defined as sea anemones).

Warning! Not all species are the same! Clownfish can differ in size, shape and color. TheSebae clownfish(Amphiprion sebae), for example, is black and white and has only an orange tail.

Surgeon fish in the aquarium

Also in this case reference is made to a good number of species. The yellow surgeon fish (Zebrasoma flavescens) is among the most common in the marine aquarium. It can reach a maximum length of 37 cm even if in the aquarium, they generally do not exceed 20 cm.

Equally popular is thewhite-throated surgeonfish, can reach a length of 25 cm and does well in groups. Less popular but still very well known is thestriped surgeonfish(Acanthurus lineatus), can reach 38 cm in length and has poisonous spikes that can also pose a danger to humans.

Octopus in the aquarium

Let's start with a piece of news: you don't say "octopus"But"octopus"... I don't know why in restaurants they insist on writing"octopus” in the menus but I assure you, the common name of Octopus vulgari isoctopusand notoctopus. If you are thinking of introducing aoctopus in the aquarium, know that you will have to dedicate a very large tank to him and you will not be able to raise anything but him. In fact, Octopus vulgari would feed on any other fish and cannibalism is common in this species, so you will have to dedicate a tank to a single specimen.

Scorpion fish in the aquarium

Thescorpion fish, Pterois volitans is difficult to keep in the aquarium with other fish. It is a predatory fish and feeds mainly on small fish, crabs, shrimps, cephalopods ... It reaches a maximum length of 35 cm and is very demanding: the tank must be at least 500 liters. The scorpion fish is also very dangerous for humans, I talked about it here:scorpion fish in Italy.

Butterfly fish in the aquarium

Its scientific name is Chaetodon xanthurus, native to the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It can reach a maximum length of 15 cm, it needs a large tank and some shelter.

Gobbio beautiful in the aquarium

Its scientific name isAmblyeleotris callopareia,it reaches a maximum length of 8 cm even if in the aquarium it hardly exceeds 5 - 6 cm. It is native to the Pacific Ocean and needs a seabed rich in corals.

Velvet bridesmaid in the aquarium

It is a very resistant, robust and lively marine fish ... unfortunately, it is very aggressive and attacks fish of all sizes, even its similar ones. It reaches a length of 10 cm.


Its scientific name is Pomacanthus asfur, in nature it grows up to 40 cm and needs very large tanks. Its livery is similar to that of Pomacanthus maculosus, they are distinguished above all by the shape of the central yellow spot which in Pomacanthus maculosus does not reach the back and by the faded blue color of the latter.

Seahorse in the aquarium

THEseahorses in the aquariumthey are not easy to breed and above all they cannot be placed in tanks with corals that require rapid water movements (especially hard corals). They require very weak water movement and coexistence with other fish is possible but not recommended. An aquarium of invertebrates of the order of corallimorphari (as long as they can adapt to dim light) could host a couple of specimens of seahorses as long as they have 150 - 200 liters available. The aquarium for seahorses must have twilight (very soft) light emitted by actinic fluorescent tubes.

Fish for marine aquarium, complete list

If you are a beginner and want to set up your first marine aquarium, I recommend that you read a very interesting book. Do not be fooled by the trivial title, the book contains cards on fish and very useful information to accompany you on this wonderful journey!

Recommended book: Marine Aquarium, price, 21.85 euros with free shipping on Amazon. For all information, I refer you to his "official page on Amazon“.

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