How to grow apricots

How to grow apricots

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How to grow apricotsfrom seed or rod. The scarification of the core and the preparation of the soil for the planting of plants.

If you have decided togrow apricots know that these plants, compared to other fruit species such as peaches, cherries and plums, are more demanding. They need very fertile soil therefore, before sowing or planting the spikes, it is better to carry out a deep tillage of the soil to bury fertilizer.

Cultivation of the apricot tree from the stone

Theapricots Yes they can cultivate from the coreor seed. The core, one should first be dabbed with kitchen paper and then stored in a cool and dry place until sowing. When to plant the apricot kernel? Autumn is the best time.

Two months before sowing, soak the apricot kernels for 24 hours and then transfer them to the refrigerator. Before sowing, soak the seeds again in fresh water for 24 hours.

In the fall, push the seed into the soil by pushing it with your finger to a depth of about 1.5 cm and then gently cover it with loose soil. To speed up the germination process, before planting the apricot kernels, you can perform a scarification mechanics. With sandpaper, sand the surface of the seed until the integument that protects the real seed is thinned.

If sowing took place in a pot full of fertile soil, you will have to wait a few years before planting the rod. In botany, by astone we mean a young plant that can derive either from grafting or, as in this case, from the seed.

How to grow apricots

Whether you have obtained the asoni starting from the hazelnut or if you have purchased the plants from the nursery, here's how toplant apricot trees.

  • Work the soil deeply, with a dig that moves the soil in the first 70 - 80 cm.
  • Bury, in the most superficial layers of the soil, fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium and organic fertilizer (such as mature manure ...).
  • Before planting, keep the roots of the astoni very humid, irrigating them abundantly in the period before planting.
  • Dig a hole of 50 x 50 x 50 cm (height, width, depth). If you have not worked the soil as described before, the hole must be at least 70 - 100 cm wide because the root system may find it more difficult to penetrate the soil. The depth must remain unchanged (50 cm). If you wantplant apricot treesin a heavily clayey soil, dig a hole 70 - 80 cm deep and 70 - 100 cm wide. Arrange stones on the bottom to facilitate water drainage and prevent root rot in case of heavy rain.

When to plant apricotsThe best time is from November to mid-December, before the cold intensifies further. Choose a dry day because fruit plants should never be planted in too wet soil.

If you want to grow more apricot plants, you need to leave a plant spacing of 2.5m even if some vigorous plants want a longer distance.

You will certainly not like this part but ... the rod, after planting, must be cut from 50 - 70 cm from the ground with an inclined cut which must then be protected with mastic. The few branches that have developed on the stem will have to be rammed, saving only the first two buds.

During the first years of cultivation, theapricot plantit needs special pruning. Work done near the stem should always be avoided (so if you need weeding, avoid hoeing!) Because the root system and the base of the stem are very delicate during the first years of cultivation.

How to prune the apricotduring the first years of the plant's life? You can find the instructions in the guide dedicated to "apricot pruning".

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