Crushed olives in oil

Crushed olives in oil

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How to make crushed olives in oil, a perfect strategy for storing olives throughout the year. Methods of conservation of green olives and black olives.

How to store green olives and black olives

Those to be preparedcrushedit'sgreen olives.

Thecrushed black olivesthey would lose their taste because they have little pulp. For the conservation of black olives, read the guide article "How to preserve salted olives“.

Once dehydrated with salt, even the black olives Yes they can preserve in oil but the procedure is different.

Theblack olives, not only have little pulp but then, they don't have the problem of green olives. In fact, the green olives they must be crushed to allow the pulp to discharge all the bitter substances, a problem that does not arise with black olives. Here becauseblack olivesisgreen olivesthey face the destinies ofstoragedifferent.

If you want to keep thegreen olivesin brine or in oil, without crushing them, know that you need to use a product that can increase the pH of the water and allow the loss of bitter substances from the pulp. This way you can keep the green olives whole, without having to crush or ston them, just like they are sold in the supermarket. For the complete guide, I refer you to the pageCaustic soda for the treatment of olives.

On this page we will focus onconservation of crushed olivesfollowing therecipeCalabrian and Apulian.

How to make crushed olives in oil

For this recipe you will need:

  • Big green olives
    choose a variety rich in pulp
  • salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • White vinegar
  • Sterilized jars

If you intend to prepareseasoned crushed olives, just as required by the Calabrian and Apulian recipe, you will need:

  • Hot pepper
  • Origan
  • Garlic

To further enrich the dressing, you can also add some finely chopped dried tomatoes and wild fennel seeds. Here's how to do thecrushed olives in oil.

The doses we will see them, gradually, with the recipe.

How to crush olives

The most practical method of crushinggreen olives to be preserved in oilinvolves the use of a meat tenderizer. If you don't already have one, this tool is easy to find in well-stocked supermarkets, kitchen utensils stores or by taking advantage of online shopping. On Amazon, for example, excellent products can be bought with about 10 euros and free shipping costs. For all the info, I refer you to "This Amazon page" where you will find different models.

In addition to the meat tenderizer, you need a good chopping board, spacious and better if not made of wood, the bitter compounds released by the olives could be easily absorbed.

Crushed olives in oil, how to do it

Wash the olives and remove the deteriorated ones.

With a meat mallet, mash the olives. At this stage, it is better to place a tablecloth on the table and on the wall closest to the operation so as to protect them from the splashes generated by the pulp of green olives to preserve.

Eliminate the core. It is necessary to be patient because the stone is rich in bitter substances so ... either waste time in eliminating the stone or you will spend it later because you will have to bathe in more water. My advice is to eliminate the core.

As you crush the olives and remove the stone, transfer them to a basin full of water.

Add the salt to the water, a heaping spoonful for each liter. Hold the olives thoroughly by adding a weight to the surface of the container (a cap, a plate, a bowl…).

Change the water twice a day and, each time, add a little salt. Do this for 10 days. From the seventh day, start tasting the olives (rinse them first!) To see if they are still bitter.

When the green olives are no longer bitter, drain the water and, with a press or a press (a potato masher is fine too) squeeze the olives well to remove all excess water. This operation is crucial to enable theconservation of olives in oil. Do it when you have enough energy to devote to removing all the vegetative liquid contained in the olives.

Seasoned olives to preserve

If you intend to season the olives to be preserved, at this point you must add:

  • Garlic in pieces
  • Chilli, chopped
  • Origan
  • Fennel seeds and dried tomato (optional)

Mix everything with the white wine vinegar, calculate 1 glass of vinegar for every two kg of olives. Stir and cook for a few hours.

Press the olives again in the small press to remove the vinegar.

Pot the olives and compress as much as possible to eliminate the air. Cover with extra virgin olive oil. Wait several hours, add more extra virgin olive oil.

Keep in a cool place. The crushed olives in oil can be eaten after a few days.

As stated, if you likestore whole green olivesyou have to follow the caustic soda method, reported at the top of the page.

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