Types of drywall

Types of drywall

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Types of drywall: from simple to fiberglass structure. Which plasterboard to choose based on the intervention and the desired effect.

It's easy to sayplasterboard panel! At the time of purchase it is important to read thedata sheetof the product you intend to purchase because thecompositionit is never taken for granted. THEplasterboard panels, in fact, they do not vary only according tomeasuresand atthickness, of great importance are the materials that compose it.

The composition of the plasterboard must be chosen according to the type of intervention. For example, if your purpose is to insulate interior walls or prevent mold from appearing, you will need different products. Let's see which ones togethertypes of plasterboard panelsare present on the market.

Types of drywall

On the market there are an infinity ofsheets of plasterboard, each producer, in fact, has its own composition and offersplasterboard panelswith certain characteristics. On this page we will list the ones that are thetypes of plasterboard panelsmost used but they are not the only ones. For this reason, we recommend that you always read thedata sheet.

For parameters such as measurements and thickness, with the due exceptions, it depends only on the intervention you intend to do. The thickness of a "finished wall" can be very thin if glass fiber is used but it can be very high if you want to use insulating plasterboard or fire resistant. Let's see all the details.

Simple plasterboard

It is the most used plasterboard for decorations, false ceilings and decorative coatings. For this reason it is also called "classic plasterboard". It consists of a plasterboard placed on a thin layer of "cardboard". It is used to decorate and finish the interiors.

Fiberglass plasterboard

The plaster is not placed on a simple "cardboard" but on a glass fiber fabric. It is used to ensure high resistance to high temperatures and fire. Ideal for finishing the exterior of a fireplace or the built-in of a pellet stove or a bio fireplace.

Fire-resistant plasterboard or reinforced plasterboard

It is used in the professional field: it is classified according to the UNI EN 520 standard. It is certainly the highest density coating to ensure resistance under the action of fire. Thereplasterboard sheetit is "armed" with mineral fibers and additives.

Flexible plasterboard

Who wants aminimum thickness plasterboard panel can rate the flexible one. It is used to create curved geometries and particular decorations.

Extra-thick plasterboard

Useful if you want to make oneequipped wall in plasterboard. The thicker plasterboard sheets are able to "bear weights", allowing loads to be hung directly on the plasterboard wall. Also useful for those who wanthang a pictureparticularly heavy or those who want to fix a mirror on the plasterboard wall. The thickness is proportional to the type of load to be inserted. You can suppose you are creating a plasterboard bookcase or recessed into the wall for a television.

Acoustic or thermal insulation plasterboard

Classic gypsum is coupled with an insulating material that can be of various compositions. Depending on the insulating material it can changethickness of the panelsand the properties of the plate can also change. Depending on the type of coupled material, we can have thermal insulation or acoustic insulation plasterboard sheets.

Anti-humidity or anti-condensation plasterboard

Very useful for tackling the problem of mold on walls and used to insulate and finish damp environments such as the kitchen and bathroom. Moisture wicking drywall is often known ashydrostatic or hydrostatic panel.

Fire and moisture resistant plasterboard

They are, probably, ithick plasterboard panelsmaximum because the high-density coating is reinforced with mineral fibers that make it resistant to fire, high temperatures and humidity.

How much does a plasterboard cost?

It is clear that thecost of the plasterboard sheetit varies a lot according to the type chosen. For example, on Amazon, a flexible plasterboard sheet with a thickness of 6 mm and a length of 3.60 square meters can be bought at a price of 22 euros, a cost of about 6.12 euros per square meter. The cost increases for insulating sheets, especially for acoustic insulating (sound absorbing) plasterboard.

Let's not forget that even the cost of the “simple” cardboard can vary according to the finishes. Standard drywall is often used to decorate interiors and therefore varies according to the decoration / finish chosen.

Damaged plasterboard, how to fix it

Regardless of the type ofdamaged plasterboard, for the repair you can rely on our guide. It is not uncommon, in fact, that during installation or in subsequent years, the plasterboard can be damaged (a hole, a crack ...) to repair the punctured or chipped plasterboard, we refer you to the guide: how to repair damaged plasterboard.



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