Incense, where to buy it

Incense, where to buy it

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Incense, where to buy it: where to buy natural incense, in granules or sticks. Properties and benefits.

With the nameincenseit refers to a series of oily resins secreted by different plants. Not only that, the term "incense" derives from the Latin "Incensum", term representing the past participle of the verb "ignite "or "burn". Often, in common parlance, with the wordincenseanyessence or plant matter to burnto release aromas into the air. An example of this are the white sage leaves, burned to purify the air and in Native American rituals.

On this page we will talk about "real incense“, That is the oily resin derived from incense plant, that is, extracted from plants of the genus Boswellia.

Incense, properties

There are many plants that produce oily resins, among these, the incense plant par excellence belongs to the genus Boswellia, its scientific name is Boswellia sacra. The incense obtained from the "incense plant" Boswellia sacra is also known by the name ofolibanum.

Olibanum is famous for its medicinal properties. Complementary Chinese medicine sees the use ofincensefor hisanti-inflammatory properties. Due to its properties, incense, in the East, is used in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and atopic dermatitis.

Theanti-inflammatory propertiesincense are not only recognized by Chinese medicine. A research conducted in Germany by the Saarbrucken University, coordinated by Dr. Oliver Werz, examined the effects of incense, highlighting its anti-inflammatory effects. According to what researchers have ascertained, boswellic acids would be able to counteract the inflammatory process by inhibiting certain enzymes involved in the inflammatory response of our body.

How to use incense

If you are wondering like burning incense, know that you can burn it pure or on charcoal, or, again, buy incense on sticks.

The incense to be burned can be used in the form of grains, which when burned on charcoal or pure, develop fumes with a characteristic odor. There are specific incense burners on the market, however, you can also use a partially covered ashtray with a coffee saucer.

Incense sticks

Most of the sticks on the market are enriched with oils and fragrances (natural or sometimes synthetic). Incense sticks are easier to burn but are made up of more heterogeneous substances. For all the information on incense sticks and their use, I refer you to the dedicated page: incense sticks.

Incense, where to buy it

Incense can be bought in shops dedicated to the purchase and sale of natural products, in some herbalists, in esoteric items shops, in magic shops or by taking advantage of online sales.

Incense is often used simply to perfume rooms and take advantage of its antibacterial properties to purify the air. For these purposes, I refer you to a set ofincense resins assorted, proposed on Amazon at a price of 22.32 euros with free shipping. For all the info and photos visit "This Page".

On Amazon and in specialized stores there are even cheaper sets and collections, I point out this one only because I had the opportunity to try it and it is actually 100% natural and of good quality, as opposed to some strange resinous mixtures!

Those interested in purchasing the "real incense" orolibanum (boswellic acids are exclusive to the incense plant) can count on a good number of offers: always on Amazon, 150 grams ofsacred incense from Omanthey can be purchased with € 21.70 and free shipping costs. For all the info:Hojari of Boswellia Sacra.

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