Acupressure and headache

Acupressure and headache

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There acupressure can be understood as a sort of acupuncture without needles, it doesn't hurt at all, on the contrary, it is used and recommended as therapies and returns among the Orientals lately more and more known to those who dedicate themselves to their well-being not only by jogging or going to the beautician and doctor.

It is not yet known how it is Shiatsu but it is ancient and most likely it will be talked about more and more, in China it has been talked about and practiced for years, for thousands of years, to guarantee relaxation, well-being and health.

Acupressure and headache

Like acupuncture, also the acupressure it is very useful for those who often suffer from headaches following periods of stress, fatigue or anxiety. It is a therapy that manages to restore balance even in difficult cases, unless there are serious health problems, and unlocks energies and tensions.

Coming from the East, he works to bring harmony between the "yin" and "yang" energies of the body and is not only good for the body but also for the mind, it regulates emotional states and can give relief to the spirit.

Acupressure: points

The pressure should not be done at random but aiming at significant points which from time to time, depending on our purpose, may also change. Even in person, as we can also imagine, since each of us has his own sensitivity.

For those who practice the acupressure, however, there are "fixed" points that are valid in most cases, as is the case with acupuncture or reflexology.

Always from traditional Chinese medicine we get these indications, the points of acupressure to aim for are along the meridians of the body, they are the energy meridians of reference also for other disciplines. Touching these parts of the body with your fingers yes activate invisible energy channels that make the "IQ" flow. These are energy lines that should somehow connect specific organs or sets of organs and thus create a kind of circulation of energy that makes us feel better.

Acupressure for weight loss

Believe that the acupressure can make us lose weight, directly, is exaggerated, because unless you believe in magic, with pressure sessions on the body you do not lose weight if you do nothing in addition. However, it is true that a more balanced body without energy blocks it is certainly healthier, the organs function better and therefore can lead to a better physical condition.

The same is true if our overweight is due to stress: the acupressure it makes us reduce stress and consequently also lose the excess kg if, at the same time, we are careful about what we eat and how much we move.

Cervical acupressure

If we have cervical problems this oriental practice is an excellent therapy to try to get better. In fact, among the benefits it brings with it there are also the reduction of generalized pain and an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition improves arthritis and relieves lower back pain and postoperative pain.

But not everyone can undergo acupressure, it is not recommended for example in cases of widespread tumors or rheumatoid arthritis, spinal injuries or bone diseases that could be aggravated by manipulation on the body. Even those who have varicose veins or are pregnant, it is better to avoid.

Acupressure: anxiety

By pressing on the strategic points of our body with fingers, palms of the hands, elbows or feet already experienced, they can give us a feeling of well-being and make us relax. It is important, however, that the session takes place in a place where we feel serene and at ease and that it lasts at least an hour. Besides reduce the feeling of anxiety, acupressure also makes nausea go away, improves energy levels and causes the release of endorphins so it's also a good antidepressant.

Acupressure: hand

It is not trivial or even obvious to identify the "magic" points of the hand to be pressed to unlock the positive energies we have. For this reason, if we are convinced to try this therapy, it is better to read up on a basic text, a guide on "localization and stimulation of therapeutic effect pointson Amazon for 15 euros, written by Wa Chen You.

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