How to grow roses from seed

How to grow roses from seed

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How to grow roses from seed: from the best period to all the instructions for planting the rose. Where to find the best seeds, varieties and rosehips.

When to harvest rose hips

THErose hipsare thosesmall fruitreddish-orange sprouting on the rose plant at the end of flowering. If your intention is to recover theseedsfrom a plant that you want to multiply from the seed, you will need to harvest the rose hips between November and February, choosing well-ripened rose hips. The capsule must be opened with a sharp knife making a superficial incision in order to extract the small seeds. Choose hips that are flat and hard.

Rose seeds, where to buy them

If you want a particular variety of rose that you don't have in your garden, such as the black rose or the rainbow rose, you can take advantage of the online purchase. There are many varieties of roses available on Amazon. On "this page" you will be able to see the images and proposals of the various nurseries.

Growing roses from seed

Theresowing the roseit must occur between December and January. Make sure you use a light, well-drained soil. You can use a mixture of sifted garden soil combined with peat and a few pebbles to further improve drainage.

Fill a pot with soil. Wet the soil deeply and bury the seeds superficially. The seeds must be placed at a distance of about 5 - 6 cm from each other.

Close the jar with a clear cellophane bag, attached to the edge with a thread. Alternatively, you can use the classic kitchen film, but only as long as you use a good amount of film to seal everything. In this way, a microclimate will be created that must never be disturbed. The rose seeds must remain in this environment until March (in case of sowing in December) or April (in case of sowing in January).

The pot must be kept in a frost-free and very bright environment. If you have a solar greenhouse or a cold greenhouse facing south, take advantage of it!

In April or March, when temperatures are more lenient, remove the cellophane bag and locate your seedlings. If you have used a lot of garden soil, probably along withrose seedlingsyou will also notice some weeds: remove them!

Transfer each small plant to a single pot. Arrange the pots in a very bright location and wet the soil regularly, just like you would your mature rose plants.

Between June and July, when theseedlings of roseshave become stronger, you can perform a new onerepotting. All you have to do is extract the earthen bread from the small pot and transfer the plant to a larger pot, this time, however, you will have to enrich the soil with fertilizer as I explained to you in the articleHow to fertilize roses.

Tips for growing roses from seeds

Many experts recommend:

  • keep the rose seeds soaked in water for 24 hours beforesowing.
  • Add compost or organic fertilizer already in the seedbed.
  • Cover the seed pot with a glass plate to be raised only if you notice the appearance of mold.
  • Monitor the seedbed daily and, as soon as the first shoots appear, open the pot.
  • The first repotting should be done in a 7 - 10 cm jar.
  • For the second repotting you can choose a 14 - 18 cm pot.

How long does it take to get the first flowers?

Therecultivation of the rosefromseedit requires a little patience. The first flowers can arrive after the first year of cultivation.

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