Hand paraffin therapy

Hand paraffin therapy

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Hand paraffin therapy, especially when it is cold but not only, because the skin on the hands needs to be treated 12 months out of 12. We often worry when winter arrives and it often cracks or turns red, fearing that it could hurt us or be unsightly. Even in summer the paraffin therapy it is instead useful because it is not limited to being a remedy for cold cracking but it is, for example, also for edema, inflammation or inflammation, after-effects of trauma, arthrosis, rheumatic inflammatory pathologies, chondropathies.

Hand paraffin therapy

One of the cases in which this therapy is very useful, and those who suffer from it probably already know, is that of joint inflammation. It is one of the thermo-therapies more recommended and effective, is based on the particular characteristics of this substance that we can learn more about in the article dedicated to paraffin

Paraffin derives from oil and is made up of hydrocarbons, at room temperature it is in a solid state, it melts at a temperature of 53 ° degrees but when applied to the skin it must necessarily be in a liquid state. Without getting burned, at first impact noticeably warms your hands.

Paraffin therapy, like other thermotherapies, dissolves the muscle contractures, improves the elasticity of connective tissues, stimulates circulation and promotes the supply of nutrients. At the same time it helps us to eliminate metabolic waste and algogenic substances, often doing raise the pain threshold. This last effect is not always perceived, it depends a lot from person to person.

Paraffin therapy: kit

There are paraffin-based kits on sale which when in contact with the skin, from liquid, solidify slowly and decrease in volume by compressing the surface of the hand. One of the effects of paraffin therapy it is anti-edema, it also helps in the construction process on skin pores. To apply paraffin there are various methods from which to choose the most practical for us, but also the most effective. There are the brushstrokes, the foam, the bath and the glove technique which is among the most popular since it allows the effects of the therapy to be prolonged over time.

Paraffin therapy at home

With 60 euros on Amazon you can easily get a device for carrying out treatments of paraffin therapy continuously without necessarily turning to outsiders. The paraffin bath proposed is good for hands, feet and elbows, it helpsabsorption of healing substances and provides the skin with the right moisture, it is especially recommended for those with rough, dry or worn skin or for those suffer from blood circulation problems.

Paraffinotherapy Milan

Who prefers to undergo the paraffin therapy putting himself in the hands of an expert, without buying a device specifically for do-it-yourself, he can turn to large physiotherapy and aesthetic studios that often offer this type of treatment together with other similar ones. The advice, obvious but never useless, is to contact certified facilities not underestimating the risks of poorly implemented paraffin therapy. It is not true that it is "only" leather.

Turin paraffin therapy

In Turin as in Milan they can be found facilities, clinics and care centers in which the paraffin therapy. Before contacting them, it is advisable to consult your doctor to see if this is the right therapy for us.

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