How to plant a fruit tree

How to plant a fruit tree

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How to plant a fruit tree: instructions onplanting of fruit trees. Period, distance between trees and private properties and all the rules to be respected for a good take root.

How to plant a fruit tree:terrain, location and climate

Before you seelike planting a fruit treeyou need to know some things. Regardless of the plant you meancultivate, you must know that allfruit treesthey need full sun exposure.

All thefruit plants (citrus, cherry, plum, pear, apple, peach ...) do not like the wind. Wind can damage the crop and dehydrate the plant. If you decide toplant a fruit treein a windy area, remember that you will need to water it more often.

There are also species-specific characteristics that you will have to consider. For example, if you meanplant a lemon, orange or mandarin orange, you will have to consider that citrus fruits prefer slightly acid soils. On the contrary, the pear, apple, cherry and many other fruit trees prefer a slightly loamy or only slightly clayey soil with a neutral pH reaction.

For any fruit plant, the soil will need to ensure good drainage except for the plum tree which wants a moist clay soil.

In general, pear, apple and plum trees grow well in lowland areas. In the hilly areas, cherries, apricots, grapes, apple trees, raspberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries and other fruit grow easily. In the mountain areas, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, currants but also chestnuts, hazelnuts and apple trees bear fruit. In coastal areas and in Southern Italy citrus fruits, early peaches and plums are very favored.

Like planting a fruit tree, the distance between trees from the property boundary

Another factor you need to take into account is thedistance between the fruit trees and the property boundary. The Civil Code requires compliance with adistancethree meters between the orchard and the neighbor's border. Then calculate a three-meter strip of land to leave between the last row of your fruit trees and the edge of the neighboring property.

It is important to respect thisdistancenot only because the law says so but also because thefruit treesthey must always be spaced from any masonry work so as to avoid any damage caused by the development of the root system.

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Distance between trees

It is not just the distance between the lastfruit treeand the neighbor's boundary you need to consider. Thefruit treesneed a lot of space and inplantingyou will also have to respect a minimum distance between one plant and another.

The distance must take into account the needs of the plant but also yours: if, at the time of harvest, you will have to use machinery, calculate the space necessary for the passage. Each species needs a specific distance, so there is no general rule to follow.

How to plant apple and pear trees

If you want to plant apple and pear trees, know that these plants resist very well to cold and late frosts. They can adapt to different types of soil but need a lot of space.

The apple tree wants planting sixths with a distance of 5 meters between the rows and between one plant and the other. The pear tree wants planting sixths with a distance of 5 meters between the rows and a distance of 4 meters between one tree and the other in the same row.

How to plant a cherry tree

Thereplantingof the cherry tree requires some extra attention. Cherry trees bear fruit only 2-3 years after planting. This plant wants deep, soft, loamy and drained soil. It needs a position in full light and a mild climate. If at the time of flowering the temperature reaches -2 ° C, the flowers will not produce fruit.

How to plant a peach and apricot tree

If you have a small garden and you are wonderinglike planting a fruit tree, probably what you are facing is apeachor an apricot. These are small fruit plants that can give great satisfaction. You will have to work the soil deeply and enrich it: these plants fear frost, they want a warm, light and fertile soil.

When to plant a fruit tree

The best time to plant a fruit tree is autumn or spring. Those who live in the far north of Italy can proceed from the end of September, when the tree is in vegetative rest. Those who live in the south will have to wait until the end of October / November based on the weather.

How to plant a fruit tree

The operation itself is not complicated. Generally, the fruit tree is sold bare root or with a clod. Bury the roots (or the root ball) up to the collar, that is, that point of intersection between root and stem.

Although the size of the clod or bare root is smaller, thehole of the plantit must be at least 50 cm wide and about 60 cm deep. Instead, move the ground further to make it softer.

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