How to report an environmental crime

How to report an environmental crime

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A guide on how to report an environmental crime and protect the environment and the territory. Instructions for filing an anonymous or nominative complaint for any territorial abuse.

THE environmental crimes that are perpetrated are innumerable. Every day in Italy, there is a company, a private citizen, or groups of people who voluntarily or not commit an environmental crime, an abuse of what surrounds us. How to succeed, however, a report a crime committed against the environment? Let's see together what are the various possibilities!

Report an environmental crime anonymously

For years, some citizens have preferred not to report abuses and crimes committed towards the environment, for fear of the repercussions that could exist, leaving their name and surname following the complaint.

Today it is possible denounce the illegality of the various gestures made against the environment completely anonymous. Nobody will be able to trace you or see where the report was made.

This service that helps report environmental crimes in a free and anonymous way is offered by the program Aics environment. Using this system, reporting and reporting can be made in one of the 500 hotspot access points, installed by the network, in various Italian cities. Once connected, you will directly access the Aics Ambiente program, which will allow you to make your report.

The report is fully protected and can be sent and enriched by sending photos and videos that show the veracity of the crime. It is very important to indicate, at the time of reporting, the exact place where the crime took place. To be more precise it is possible to use the GPS of the smartphone and send the precise coordinates of where the illegal landfill, or any other illegal download, or in any case the coordinates of the place where theenvironmental crime.

If you do not have the possibility to report the coordinates with the GPS, you can describe in detail what the area is and above all how to reach it. An image or a simple video of the illegal action, without indications, becomes difficult to trace, for this reason it is also necessary to report the location.

What happens after the environmental crime is reported?

After making the reporting to Aics, this will be sent by the association to the municipality belonging to the area. Before sending the place and crime perpetrated to the relevant municipality, however, Aics and Retegratuita check that the report is valid for all purposes. If the report proves real, then it will be possible to alert whoever is responsible.

What can be reported as an environmental crime?

Before making a complaint, you need to know which ones are environmental crimes, and what are those provided for by the Italian legal system.

Since January 2012, so for about six years, repressive rules have been introduced within the Italian legal system that can combat the phenomena of crime that occur against the environment.

These rules were introduced to preserve the natural heritage of all Italian regions, not only thanks to the possibility of reporting crimes against nature, it is possible to limit the growth of this phenomenon.

According to the data reported by the various environmental associations, about 30,000,000 are committed in Italy crimes against the environment, ie 1 every 4 hours. The crimes committed are different, these range from the construction of illegal landfills, to pollution, to the construction of illegal quarries or to illegal sewage discharges, left to flow into waterways.

Precisely in the face of the countless crimes committed, the protection of the territory has become increasingly important. Finally, the measures to protect the environment have allowed the Italian jurisdiction to enrich the criminal code with specific crimes such as: environmental crime, pollution, traffic and abandonment of radioactive material.

How to report an environmental crime

The presence of a illegal landfill, of a polluting discharge into the water and theabandonment of waste… they all are environmental crimes punishable by law. Given this, in addition to being able to make the anonymous report to associations such as Aics and Retegratuita. It can be reported an environmental crime also to the authorities operating in the area. The complaint can be made: to the Municipality, to the traffic police, to the Forestry Corps of the Carabinieri. Through these reports, it will be possible to trace the culprit and repair the damage committed against the environment.

Other environmental crimes include the abandonment of asbestos or the illegal possession of asbestos in public and private property. Building abuse is not lacking among the crimes. To report these particular crimes, we refer you to the details:

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