How to grow strawberries

How to grow strawberries

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How to grow strawberries: instructions for growing strawberries in the garden or in pots. From the soil to irrigation. How to sow and plant strawberries, remontant or uniform varieties.

No garden should exist without it strawberries. The strawberries they are beautiful, lively, easy to cultivate and tasty to savor. They are particularly low-calorie with only 30 calories for every 100 grams of fruit (about 4 strawberries). There strawberry cultivation it requires minimal care and little space but is able to give great satisfaction with an abundant fruit production.

There are 600 varieties of strawberry, when you start the cultivation choose your favorite. You should know that strawberries can be divided into two groups, the uniform strawberries which produce the fruit only once a year, in spring and remontant strawberries, which produce fruit several times a year, from spring to late autumn. In practice, with remontant plants you can harvest seasonal strawberries even close to Christmas (if you live in Southern Italy). Better grow strawberries remontant or unifere? Many argue (including me!) That unifere strawberries have a sweeter and tastier flesh than remontant varieties. It's up to you to experiment! Nothing prevents you from growing remontant and uniform strawberries at the same time.

They also existvariety of climbing strawberrieswhich are distinguished by a particularly abundant harvest and varieties of white strawberries. The white strawberries they are known as pineapple strawberries or pineapple strawberries.

TO "this Amazon address”You can find a good number of proposals, there is no shortage of re-flowering seeds, seeds of uniform strawberries, white strawberries or climbing strawberries. For thecultivation, the rules don't change. The words "four seasons strawberry" indicate remontant varieties.

When to grow strawberries

Once the variety from cultivate, go to a nursery and buy young plants or, to save money and maximize the yield, buy a bag of seeds.

The best time it is undoubtedly spring but some varieties can also be grown in late summer. If you start growing in spring, you can harvest the first fruits already during the following summer.

How to grow strawberries from seed

Forsow strawberriesemploys boxes to be kept in a very bright environment, with good exposure. Use fertile soil to keep moist. At a temperature between 22 - 24 ° C, strawberry seeds will begin to germinate within 10 days.

After sowing, thin out the plants produced by eliminating the smaller and weaker ones. For a tidier result you can sow in pots or alveolar containers. When the seedling has produced 4 - 5 green leaves, you can continue your cultivation andplant strawberries in the final residence, in pots, in the vegetable garden or in the garden.

How to grow strawberries in the garden

If you want to grow strawberries in the open ground, the cultivation involves planting in single rows at about 20-25 cm away from each other. With the planting, it will be necessary to dig a hole, since the soil must be enough "soft", if you don't have specialized tools and you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can help yourself with an old thick marker. For example, the diameter of the classics uniposca it is perfect for making the hole where to place the plant.

  1. For the depth it is possible to adjust with the stick of earth that the plant brings to the root, the base of the plant must be parallel to the ground.
  2. Fill the hole with fresh soil to completely cover the root system.
  3. Water with plenty of water.
  4. When watering, the water must only go to the base and must not touch leaves or fruit.
  5. With the cultivation on the ground, you must operate the paccimatura, that is, cover the soil with straw and other materials that prevent the growth of weeds. The straw mattress (preferably chopped), should be placed between the leaves of the strawberry plant and the ground. Attention, the pallet must never cover the plants!

How to grow strawberries in pots

Whether for growing in pots or in the garden, you need to remember your soil needs.

The strawberries they prefer a sandy, loamy soil rich in organic substances. The pH can range from 5.5 to 6.5 but they can grow in all types of soil, the important thing is to have good drainage. How to plant strawberry in pots?

  1. Place the seedling with the earthen bread in the pot.
  2. Fill the pot with fresh soil to completely cover the root system.
  3. Water with plenty of water.
  4. When watering, the water must only go to the base and must not touch leaves and, subsequently, must not touch the fruits.

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