Marjoram, property

Marjoram, property

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Marjoram, properties and contraindications. From essential oil to use in the kitchen. How to exploit the benefits of marjoram with an herbal tea or use as a spice.

Theproperties of marjorammake this herb a powerful natural remedy for migraines, stress, to fight anxiety and for other ailments. In this article we will see what theproperty beneficial and the property nutritional of marjoram.

In the Mediterranean culinary tradition, themarjoramplays an important role. His fame ofaromatic herbis not linked only to the gastronomic sector: themarjoramit is rich in Vitamin C, essential oils, tannins and rosmarinic acid. Thanks to hisproperty, this herb is widely used in herbal medicine, aromatherapy and in the cosmetic industry. In do-it-yourself remedies it is used to treat migraines in a natural way.

Marjoram, plant

Theremarjoram, called in some regions of Italy with the namePersia, is a species of the genus Origanum and, together with theOriganum vulgare(common oregano), is the most cultivated plant of the genus.

Theremarjoram, it is distinguished from oregano for its more delicate smell and taste.

As well as oregano, also themarjoramis rich in active ingredients capable of exercising beneficial propertieson our body.

Theremarjoramit is appreciated for its small, opposite, petiolate and lightly downy leaves. The flowers are pinkish white, fragrant, and appear with rising temperatures in late spring.

Marjoram, nutritional properties

Theremarjoramit is mainly composed of water, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. In marjoram there are high percentages of precious micronutrients for our body such as manganese, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc.

Among the vitamins present in themarjoramwe mention vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamins of group B, in particular, B1, B2, B3 and B6. There is no shortage of vitamins K and J. Lamarjoramcan boast the presence of beneficial and antioxidant substances such as beta-carotene and dietary folate.

Marjoram, benefits

- Antispasmodic properties
Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, themarjorampresents excellentpropertyantispasmodic and is an excellent ally to treat coughs and colds in a natural way.

- Sedative and calming properties
Thanks to hispropertysedative and calming, it is indicated for combating states of anxiety.

Marjoram, herbal tea and decoctions

To make the most of thebeneficial properties of marjoramit is possible to try your hand at preparing herbal teas and decoctions.

Natural remedy for colds
Herbal teas and decoctions, better if sweetened with malt or agave, can help fight all cold symptoms, treat fever naturally and relieve cough:marjorampossesses expectorant properties.

Natural remedy against gastric disorders
The smooth marjoram infusion (not sweetened or sweetened in any way) is recommended for gastro-intestinal disorders.

Herbal tea against stress and headache
An unsweetened herbal tea, before going to sleep, can help counteract insomnia, anxiety, headaches and soothe the tensions accumulated during the day.

For infusions and decoctions you can use fresh or dried marjoram, depending on the preferences of your palate.

Grow marjoram

In order to make the most of the properties of this plant, you can try your hand at growing it in pots or in the vegetable garden. Theremarjoramit is a plantrusticwhich requires very little care.

Cultivation can start from the seed to germinate in spring. Cultivation starting from the seed is recommended because the growth times are rapid: within a maximum of one or two weeks the germination will be complete and you will have the possibility of planting the marjoram seedlings in transitional jars. When the plant is well developed it will be possible to plant it in its final location, then in a larger pot for cultivation on the balcony or in the open field for those who want.grow marjoramin the vegetable garden.

Where to buy marjoram seeds? At agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. Different varieties of marjoram can be found on this Amazon page.

How to use marjoram in cooking:fresh or dried marjoram

Theremarjoramit can be used fresh or dried. It is the ideal condiment for flavoring pizzas, stewed meats, fillings, meatballs, quiches, mushrooms, legumes, sauces, mixed or tomato salads, cheeses, omelettes, shellfish ... it is also useful for flavoring vinegar and oil .

Used fresh, it is particularly suitable for enriching fish-based dishes: try to chop it finely and flavor it with lemon juice.

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