How to decant succulents

How to decant succulents

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How to decant succulents:instructions onhow to plant succulents in the gardenand how to repot (move the plant from one pot to another) without pricking yourself, with specific gloves and pliers to transfer the succulent plants.

Today we will see like decant succulents. Repotting succulents is a vitally important operation to ensure the well-being of the plant. For decant succulents you must have a pair of gloves, especially if the succulent from repot is equipped with plugs. Generic gloves are not enough because the thorns can penetrate the fabric.

Transfer succulents with thornscan be an arduous and painful undertaking and for this reason, in our guide, we will give you specific advice also for repotting of cactus, neoporteria and other thorny succulents. To better manage them, you can read the last paragraph entitled "how to decant succulents without pricking yourself“.

When to transplant succulents, period

It is always the right time to repot succulents! Contrary to other indoor ornamental plants they go repotted in certain periods of the year, the fat plants they are able to deal with this operation at any time of the year.

So if you are wondering when to do the transfer of succulents, the answer can only be provided by your plant: young specimens grow better if repotted once a year. The older plants, on the other hand, go repotted at intervals of 2 or 4 years. Adult plants struggle harder to recover from the trauma of repotting, especially if it comes to succulent Melocactus.

Although in theory it is always the period good to run the repotting of succulents, it is not recommended decant succulents when these have flowers. Repotting could cause the flowers to fall out.

Plus, if you likedecant succulents in the gardenor in any case grown outdoors, avoid carrying out this operation in winter or when temperatures are low. Also in this case, therefore, the mid-seasons can be ideal. If the plant has no flowers, you can act in early autumn or spring.

How to decant the melocactus

The Melocactus, due to the particular structure, does not have to be repotted. How to grow melocactus? Putting it immediately in its final home and, instead of moving the plant, carry out renovations of the substrate (periodically replace part of the substrate) and pay more attention to fertilizations.

How to decant succulents: choosing the right pot

In choosing the vase it is important to take into account three factors: material, size and shape.

The shape must be suitable to support the development of the roots: it is necessary to choose low and wide pots for the fat plants which thus develop their root system. The low and wide pots are suitable for those succulents that have roots that do not go deep but develop more in width and which are often described as succulents without roots. Only the fat plants provided with fleshy and very elongated roots, they need tall and deep vessels.

The size of the vase

The root system should not have much space available. The roots should have at most 2-3 centimeters of soil around them. A lot of soil, among other things, would constitute a big risk for the fat plant.

For grow succulents it is better to use plastic pots. Certainly the terracotta pots give greater stability to fat plants which develop vertically but it must be said that terracotta is porous and also allows nutrients to transpire, this would require a greater frequency of fertilization. Not only that, some succulents make the roots adhere to the terracotta and therefore it will be more difficult to detach the roots when repotting.

How to decant succulents: use a specific substrate

On the market there are specific soils for repotting of succulents, however, anyone who wants to can prepare a good blend at home. The characteristics of the soil for the repotting of succulent plants they are simple: it must be draining, porous and light.

It can be prepared by mixing equal parts of coarse sand (from quarry or river), pumice or black lapillus and universal soil enriched with acid peat. For each kg of soil, you can add 2-3 grams of bone meal or ox blood powder or cornunghia. This addition is particularly recommended at the time of repotting of succulents with thorns.

If you don't feel like mixing, you can buy a specific soil for succulent plants. Where to buy aspecific substrate for succulents? In garden centers or taking advantage of online shopping. At “this Amazon page” you can find several proposals for specific formulations forcactus and succulents.

How to plant succulents in the garden

It's possiblegrowing succulents outdoors?Yes. Many succulents are very cold hardy. In reality, what they do not tolerate is humidity and excess water in the soil. To overcome this problem you must choose a very sunny place and work the soil well before planting. What does it mean? That in the site where you will go toplant succulents in the gardenyou will have to change the composition of the soil making it more draining.

In the article "how to protect succulents from the cold"I give you many tips on how to plant succulents outdoors, in the open ground.

How to decant succulents without pricking yourself

Some succulents such as opuntia, ferocactus, ancistrocactus, globose cacti and other types of cacti, have dense spines, which make it very difficult to approach and contact the plant. Sohow to decant succulents without pricking yourself? Wearing a pair of specific gloves and trying to minimize contact with the plant! How to limit contact with the plant? Using specific pliers for cacti and succulents with thorns. On the market there are kits for repotting succulent plants consisting of special pliers and gloves.

On Amazon, a kit consisting of pliers and special pots for repotting succulents can be bought at a price of 19.95 euros. Only the clamp costs 9.90 euros but for larger succulents, only the clamp is not enough. For all information on the kit mentioned, I refer you tothis Amazon pagededicated to the product.

Kits are also very useful for creating, in complete safety andwithout being pricked, splendid compositions of several plants in the same pot.

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