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Soy milk, all the info

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Soya milk: properties, nutritional values, how what we find on the market is made and how it is prepared at home. Benefits, contraindications and warnings on the consumption of this vegetable milk.

Who can't drink cow milk for lactose intolerances or because he has chosen to follow a dietethics, can use the vegetable milk, first of all, soy milk.

The soya milk represents a possible alternative to milk of animal origin. It is not necessary to buy it at the supermarket, an interesting note regarding this vegetable milkis that you can easily prepare it at home. Thehomemade soy milkit can be very tasty and also allows you to incur lower costs than buying the package you find at the supermarket. Before we see the recipe for the preparation of soy milk, we will focus on nutritional values, the benefits, properties and characteristics of this plant-based drink. There soy it is a staple of vegetarian and vegan diets, it is not surprising to know that soy milk is very popular and easy to find in any supermarket.

Soy milk, how it's done

Thesoya milkhas beenbrought to lightin China, it is estimated between 25-220 years AD The first documents concerning soy milk date back to the year 82 AD. Chinese history sees the earliest production of soy milk during the Han Dynasty.

How soy milk is made? Infusing the soybeans in hot water for at least 3 - 8 hours. The soybeans are ground and then the liquid is extracted after careful filtration.

Today, the plants ofsoy milk productionthey use high-speed grinding processes that do not require filtration or long infusion times. In addition, the soy milk that we find on the market can be enriched with vegetable oils, flavors, salt, sugar and other ingredients.

Who wantsprepare soy milk at home, at the end of the page, you can find an exhaustive guide.

Soy milk, properties and benefits

The soya milk it has a very balanced protein intake and also has high amounts of lysine, an amino acid that ensures excellent absorption of vitamins.

Soy milk and cholesterol

As experts claim, the soya milk it would be able to improve the cardiovascular system, in particular to "clean veins and arteries", thanks to an immediate reduction of triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels with a consequent increase in good HDL cholesterol and a decrease in total cholesterol.

Soy milk in cancer prevention

Furthermore, it appears to be effective against certain types of cancer, such as colon, breast and prostate cancer. It should be noted, however, that soy milk does not cure these diseases, it is an adjuvant whose effectiveness is still at the center of numerous scientific debates. The documented studies on the effectiveness of soya milk in cancer prevention are highly controversial.

The anti-cancer action, although much debated, is not to be discarded. Soy milk is rich in isoflavones and lecithin, which have long been considered anti-cancer factors.

Soy milk and vitamin B12

The soya milk, in its classic formulation, has a deficiency of vitamin B12 and calcium in the body, two essential elements for human health. But on the market, versions enriched with calcium and vitamin B12 are sold.

Soy milk and estrogen

Among the isoflavones contained in soy milk there are particular polyphenols sometimes referred to as "vegetable estrogens". Also in this case, scientific studies are much debated but it would seem that these compounds would be able to prevent osteoporosis and even arteriosclerosis. Useful action especially during menopause.

GMO soy and soy milk

At the time of purchase, prefer the packaging certified organic: all soy products, and therefore also soy milk, must be organic, otherwise it is very likely they may contain genetically modified (GMO) soy.

Soy milk, nutritional values ​​and glycemic index

Soy milk provides micronutrients such as phosphorus, iron, zinc and calcium. There is no shortage of vitamins such as vitamin A and some B vitamins. It is important to say that due to the presence of high concentrations ofphytic acid, most of the micronutrients contained in soy milk are not absorbed by our body.

It is very rich in protein and has aglycemic indexrelatively low (34).

How much soy milk to drink per day?

Is there an upper limit for soy milk intake? The Japanese Soy Milk Association and the Fair Trade Council of Japan have agreed that although there is no upper limit, it is nevertheless recommended, as a general recommendation, to drink no more than 1 - 3 glasses of 200. ml of soy milk per day.

Soy milk, contraindications

The soy milk that you find on the market has several contraindications. For example, if it is sweetened or fortified with sodium, it is contraindicated for those with diabetes and hypertension, cardiovascular disease and gout.

Homemade soai milk

  1. Rinse the yellow soy beans and soak them in plenty of water for at least twelve hours
  2. Drain everything well, after giving it a final rinse
  3. Blend with water until you get a uniform and rather thick liquid
  4. Boil this liquid over low heat for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally
  5. Filter through a cloth

If you prefer you can add vanilla extract to flavor it.

For detailed instructions and ingredients (doses, where to buy organic soybeans…) you can read my guide onHomemade soy milk.

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