Variety of daffodils

Variety of daffodils

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Variety of daffodils: how to plant narcissus in pots, winter flowering daffodils or spring. The subdivision of variety of narcissus in eight different groups. Tips for the cultivation of the narcissus and where to find the bulbs.

Narcissus, bulb and flower

Thenarcissusit's abulbous plantwidespread on the northern coasts of Africa and Asia Minor and on the southern coasts of Europe. The speciesNarcissus tazettait grows spontaneously also in Japan, in Persia and in China.

For its beauty and the intoxicating scent of its flowers, thenarcissusis a flowering plant that has always been cultivated. It has a bulb no larger than 10 cm and, to distinguish the different species of the narcissus genus, these plants have been divided into eight groups, each group includes innumerablevariety.

Winter flowering daffodils

It is important to underline that they do not exist variety of winter blooming daffodils. In winter it is possible to find flowering narcissus plants because they undergo a forced or early flowering process.

In the guide:how to grow daffodilsI have already explained to you how to force the flowering of the bulbs and obtain flowering daffodils in winter, starting from Christmas. In the same guide you can learn a plant narcissus bulbs in pots or in the garden. There is no shortage of groupsautumn flowering daffodils, other species and variety they are all spring flowering.

Autumn flowering narcissus

Narcissus serotinus is among the first daffodils to bloom in autumn. The variety of daffodils in autumn flowering you can cultivate more easily in Central and Southern Italy because they do not tolerate the cold climate. All autumn flowering species produce very fragrant flowers, with large petals and a less developed central crown.

Narcissus cyclamineus

Along with the speciesNarcissus jonquilla, the Narcissus cyclamineus group provides the most widespread varieties on the market. The name is linked to the similarity between the narcissus flower and that of the wild cyclamen. This plant, generally, never exceeds 50 cm in height and it can take 2 to 5 years before it reaches its maximum development.

Narcissus jonquilla

It is the typicalnarcissus which we find in supermarkets and shown in the photo above. In this group there are all cylindrical-leaved varieties and it is the group ofmore fragrant daffodils. Depending on the variety, the corolla can be yellow, cream or lemon. On average they reach a height of 30 cm.

Narcissus bulbocodium

In this group there arevariety of daffodilssmall, perfect for borders or low planters: 10 - 15 cm. The flowers are deep yellow, while the leaves are not ribbon-like but are very narrow and long, as if they were blades of very dark green grass.

Narcissus tazetta

It is known improperly asdaffodilbecause it grows spontaneously throughout Italy. In this group, however, there is no truthdaffodilalso known asMay flower. The tazetta daffodils are those that are used for forcing the bulbs in order to have onewinter flowering. They are scented and there are some toovariety of miniature narcissus or dwarf daffodils.

Narcissus poeticus

The variety shown in the photo below belongs to this group. It is also known by other names such asflower of Mayordaffodil: it grows spontaneously in some areas of Italy, such as in the mountain pastures of the Alps or the Sila. There are many in this groupvarietyor hybrids grown for ornamental purposes, are also among the most expensive.

The flowers are fragrant and have white tepals and for this they are also spoken ofwhite narcissus. Where to buy the bulbs? At the best equipped nurseries or garden centers, paying attention to the variety chosen; the most sought after varieties, in fact, can be very expensive. For example, on Amazon, 10 bulbs of the varietyinterim of the narcissus poeticus group, they can be bought with 29.99 euros and shipping costs included in the price, basically around 3 euros per bulb. A high price if you consider that with 3 euros you can buy a vase with narcissus already in bloom from the Tazetta, Tromba or Jonquilla group!

Narcissus triandrus

Also known asNarcissus campanulatusfor the bell shape of its flowers. It is no more than 40 cm tall and like the variety of daffodils of the Narcissus bulbocodium group has filiform leaves.

Trumpet Narcissus

Another very common group: the trumpet flower has white petals with yellow central bellflower. On the market there are varieties and hybrids with more or less large flowers and a height ranging from 30 to 55 cm.

For the purchase of narcissus bulbs of the varieties belonging to the eight large groups just described, I refer you to"This Amazon page"or you can contact your trusted nursery who will be able, for you, to order the variety of the group you prefer.

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