LOVELY WASTE at the Isola Design District

LOVELY WASTE at the Isola Design District

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From 17 to 22 April in the beautiful multidisciplinary cultural center managed by the ZONA K Association in via Spalato 11, in Milan, the presence of Sourceinside Isola Design District with an event / exhibition oncircular economy which will involve 43 designers and 12 companies.

This year Source, in its new role as a Services and Communication Agency, presents LOVELY WASTE, prototype of the service that Source will address to companies to support them in the development of new best practices on the subject of circular economy.

LOVELY WASTE it is also the first of a series of events intended to give space to projects and designers attentive to sustainability (of products and processes) and to technology, two themes through which Source will continue to play the role of connector between designers and companies.

To welcome visitors in via Spalato Oxygen-18 an installation located outside the location and created by Luca Alessandrini ( and Giacomo Garziano ( Small eco-sustainable architecture made with "biodegradable, highly sustainable and recyclable materials: the modular pine wood shell, easy to assemble, is covered with recycled coconut and jute fibers, hardened with corn starch bio-plastic and painted with of water".

LOVELY WASTE: the exhibition

Core of the exhibition within the space ZONE K the project n. zero on the theme of recovery of production waste developed by designers Francesco Fusillo, Alberto Ghirardello, Filippo Protasoni and Sebastiano Tonelli with / for the Tuscan company WooClass, manufacturer of custom-designed wooden eyewear. The four designers coordinated by the Source team questioned and discussed how to suggest new development perspectives throughuse of materials (wood, metal, leather) currently destined for pulping. A first experiment to outline the methodology capable of managing production waste through an integrated approach of creative planning and design to cost, with the aim of transforming the cost of waste into new revenue and business development opportunities.

Wooclass glasses molds made of wood

LOVELY WASTE and the call of Source

As always, Source has also activated a call, to which hundreds have responded from Italy and the world, which has served to select new designers who have interpreted the theme by developing it with different approaches, giving life to five different categories of projects: from reuse and creative recovery of waste material (Rigo by Alice Baldisserri, Chiara Campolmi, Giada Cantoni and Chiara Grimandi, Black Diamonds by Stefano Giovacchini, Cimosa by Giulia Ciuoli, Invaso by Federica Corona and Pietro Cristini, Perpetua by TipStudio / Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini, Game of Stone by Recycledstones with Josefina Muñoz, Ghigos and Labanto, Sebastiano Tonelli's 25% Collection), to the Km0 management of local resources (Frau Caze by Carolin Zeyher, Intersections by Cristina Daminato, Materika by Stefano Prinzivalli), passing through the design with recyclable and / or eco-compatible materials (Myo by Chiara Caramelli, Mise by Barbara Ventura), up to projects that focus on the ethical and social aspects of sustainability (Aro by Giulia Falciani and Martina Sportelli, Alberta Florence by Giulia Mondolfi, Arbitrary by Mareike Lienau) or on technology applied to the production of common objects (Lovito by Brartdesign, Keepo by Thomas Brilli).

LOVELY WASTE: the partners

Among the partners of the event BLOFT collective led by Gumdesign that brings together companies and designers (companies: BoleFloor / Hallucinated Balloons, Casini Maurizio, Coevo, Dialetto Design; designers: Aarch-Mi, Barazzuoli Marco, Binaglia Luca, Brunelli Camilla, De + Art, Gumdesign, Indastriadesign + La Tos, Isabeau, Minrl, Roberto Monte, Sgalippa Gianluca, Tessari Nicola) who seek, through the use of natural raw materials and with an approach that respects local economies, to carry out business projects at Km0 that until recently they were labeled with the term "self-production".

"From now on Source will make sustainability one of its pillars and the Lovely Waste project will become a service to support companies and bring designers closer to production. - declares Roberto Rubini founder and project manager Source - We will turn to those who want to invest time, money and professionalism in a future respectful of the planet, using us as a search engine. "

In support and collateral to the event, several companies and partners who believed in the project. Starting with TRUST (Florence Institute of Design International) Florentine design school that will contribute to the exhibition through the Molletta project by Hagar Bar-Gil, a young Israeli, who studied interior design in Tel Aviv before moving to Florence. The collaboration with Ugolini, a Venetian company producing yarn dyeing machines, is of a different nature. "With Ugolini we are evaluating the possibility of launching a call to collect ideas on the design of the machines, to improve them and make them even more sustainable". To complete the team, the presence of Primato Pugliese who together with Archistart (creators and curators of the event) and with the support of the Puglia Creative District present "Red: designed by heart" a selection of excellence of Apulian craftsmanship.

The partners also include the newly formed consulting company Mays International to which Source is linked for marketing and communication activities. Among the selected projects there are also the winners of the Re-design your Future competition organized by the LegnoLab magazine of which Source is a partner as part of the jury that assigns the prize.

Among the media partners of the event, our website Our website.

To complete LOVELY WASTE Amblè, Fresh Food ( which will offer a continuous refreshment service for a simple, expertly refined meal, which uses only Italian and KmO products. "Our priority is to get to know the producer, before relying only on a certification, working with small local companies" and SourceConceptStore, the small traveling store to leave Milan with an original souvenir or gift from young independent designers.


Tuesday 17 April, 6.00 pm
Opening and Press Cocktail

Thursday 19 April, 6.00 pm
Talk & Drink "materials, innovation and sustainability"
Giacomo Garziano, Luca Alessandrini, Nadia Ugolini, Irene Ivoi, Stefano Giovacchini

Video: Haunted Paintings Animal Crossing, How To Build A Snowman, Animal Crossing Podcast (May 2022).


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