How to plant peppers

How to plant peppers

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How to plant peppers: ideal period and advice forplant and grow peppers in potsor in the garden. From planting to harvest.

Thesweet pepperit is very versatile in the kitchen, it is suitable for salads, peppers, fillings and to flavor the classic tomato sauce. Everyone knows how good they are, not everyone knows that thesweet pepperyou cancultivateboth garden and pot, let's see how.

When to plant peppers:ideal period of planting

How to grow peppers? Let's start with planting, trying to choose the right period based on the seasonal trend.

Theperiodbest forplant the peppersfalls in spring. If you wantgrowing peppersstarting from sowing you can sow in cellular containers from January - February as long as you keep the seedlings in a protected environment (seedbed indoors, in a bright place with light and humid soil). When the seeds have germinated and the first 3 - 4 leaves have formed, you can arrange for planting in the open field, as long as the outside temperatures are stable, alternatively continue with planting in pots and keep the plants still in a protected environment. If, on the other hand, you have bought pepper plants that have already been developed, you just have to plant them!

When to plant peppers?
In spring, when temperatures - even at night - do not drop below 16 - 18 ° C.

How to plant peppers in the vegetable garden

In a square meter you can plant 4 - 5 plants and produce, depending on the variety, from 5 to 10 kg of peppers.

How to plant peppers in pots or in the garden?The transplant must be done when the plants have at least 4 - 5 leaves, make holes that can accommodate the bread of earth anchored to the root system. Place the bread of earth in the hole and compact the perimeter soil.

Within a few weeks of planting, your pepper plants will have tripled their mass and sporting a very sturdy stem. This is why, if you live in windy areas, you will need to arrange some stakes for the plant.

In the garden you can pull two iron wires on the sides of the rows so as to contain the plants without having to tie each individual plant to its stake.

Beforeplant the peppersyou will need to dig deep in order to obtain a fresh, crumbly and clod-free soil. If necessary, add mature compost or manure into the soil (about 8 kg of mature manure per square meter).

How to plant peppers in pots

Thesweet pepperit also grows well in pots. You can use clay pots or any container as long as it is large and deep enough. The size of the pot to grow peppers must be 35 - 40 cm deep and 30 cm wide is enough for each plant.

How to plant pepper in pots?
Each plant must be placed in a small hole as deep as the bread of earth that incorporates its roots, just like what you would do for planting in the garden.

At the time of the planting of thepeppers in pots, use universal soil enriched with a couple of handfuls of pelleted manure, in this way you will gradually give nitrogen fertilizer to the plant (pelleted manure is a slow release fertilizer).

Potted pepper always needs a support brace. Just use the classic rod to be placed side by side, with caution, at the base of the blank.

The braces should be placed at the same time as the transplant so as to avoid damaging the roots at a later time. The brace must then be tied to the stem only when this has become strong enough.

For the right variety for growing in pots and all the advice (care, sowing, diseases ...) I invite you to read the guide: how to grow peppers in pots.

How to grow peppers

After planting the peppers, monitor the cultivation: at the beginning of flowering, distribute nitrogen-based fertilizer again, you can incorporate it with a superficial hoeing and irrigating the soil.

Peppers need a sunny place and lots of water.When are peppers harvested?The peppers ripen gradually, the pepper harvest period is from July to mid-October. You can pick the peppers when they have reached full color but also when they are a little green. Green peppers have a stronger flavor.

How to harvest the peppers?Peppers are harvested by cutting the sturdy stalk with garden shears, in this way you do not risk damaging the copper.

Yellow pepper, red pepper and green pepper

The peppers are colorful: there are varieties with yellow, red or green berries. Green peppers are simply harvested in advance, so as not to develop the vegetable pigments that are complicit in coloring. Red peppers have a meatier texture and are therefore more suitable for grilling. Yellow pepper is the richest in antioxidants.

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