How to get into the fire department

How to get into the fire department

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How to get into the fire department: a guide that will explain youhow to become vigilant of the dimactual (permanently) or how to enter the body as a volunteer. Physical and professional requirements.

To the question "What will you want to do when you grow up?", Many children have always answered"the fireman. With age, this dream often fades due to the difficulty and dangers of the profession which certainly offers great opportunities and personal gratification. So for how many of them growing up continue to have this desire, here is a guide that will explainhow to get into the fire department.

The tasks of these professionals also include the protection of goods, animals and people, technical assistance in case of emergency and fire prevention.

Requirements to become a firefighter

Let's start withbasic requirementsrequired for access to the national fire brigade.

  • Age of majority
  • Italian citizenship
  • Regular enjoyment of civil and political rights
  • Regular civil and moral conduct (not having committed any crime)
  • Lower secondary education diploma (lower middle school certificate). Although a higher qualification will allow for any subsequent career advancements and will facilitate access to the fire brigade at the time of competition
  • Respect the age limit, which for i fire fighters it must not be older than 30 years. While with regard to the volunteer firefighters there is a maximum age limit of 37 years.

The last requirement concerns the psycho-physical and aptitude condition of the candidate, regulated by the Ministerial Decree 228/93 and by the D.P.C.M. 233/93 and subsequent reforms.

How to get into the fire department

To enter the profession you must pass a public competition which is announced with a notice published in the Official Gazette IV special series for competitions and exams.

At the time of the release of the announcement, this will also appear on the "work with us”Of the official website of the Fire Brigade. The portal of the National Fire Brigade is available at, as well as visiting the "work with us"Where icompetition notices, you can get an idea of ​​the training courses that you will need to follow once you enter the body.

Competition to enter the fire department

Where is the competition to enter the fire department held?
The exams must be taken in Rome, clearly at the expense of the candidate.

What is the competition to become a firefighter?
The competition is divided into two tests. The first test is of general knowledge (usually a multiple choice test). After passing the first test, it is possible to access the second test, which represents a physical type test. The physical test is held after a few months and is certainly much more difficult. You need to get there with a lot of training behind you.

What happens after the contest? If both tests have been passed, periods of training, which can be more or less simple depending on the real moral and physical predisposition to this profession. As stated, on the official website of the fire fighters, the particular training to which to undergo once entered the Corps is indicated.

How often is the competition for access to the fire brigade held unique?
There is no fixed deadline or periodicity, it all depends on the competition notices published in the gazette. It is important to emphasize that there are different types of notices to enter the fire department because access to the body can take place through different qualifications.

There is the public competition for the technical operational area which, in addition to providing for the hiring offireman, is open to the positions of:Deputy Fire Inspector, Deputy Director, Deputy Medical Director, Deputy Sports Gym Director. It is possible to join the fire brigade by performing other roles, such as officials, administrative, accounting and management.

Firefighter, net salary

What is the salary of a firefighter? It depends on several factors- shifts, overtime, role, years of employment-. On average, the net salary amounts to 1,300 euros for the simple firefighter, 1,400 euros for the paycheck of a firefighter foreman. The paycheck or salary of a firefighter foreman is 1500 euros net. Salary may vary based on internal role. In general, the net salary of a simple fireman can range from 1500 to 1700 euros net after many years of service.

How to become a volunteer firefighter

Whoever wants to live on gratification can access the body as volunteer. By accessing as a volunteer it will then be possible to becomepermanent firefighterfollowing a longer prophylaxis (but always without the possibility of bypassing the public competition).

How to become a volunteer firefighter? It is simply necessary to apply for enrollment in the cadres volunteers of the National Corps of Fire fighters at the provincial headquarters of residence. Do not be discouraged and think of the many rewards, especially of a professional nature, deriving from the awareness of having helped others or, even, of having managed to save a life.

Avolunteer firefighterhe is not bound to employment but carries out his work only when the body expresses the need. For example, it can be called into service at particular times of the year -you see in the summer that there are many fires- in case of natural disasters or disasters. Thevolunteer firefightercan provide service continuously within the limit of 20 days (although in special cases, this limit may be subject to an extension). The Circularn. 583 of 5 January 2018 provided further details regarding the lists of volunteer firefighters. Not everyone knows that:

the employers for whom the volunteers work permanently are obliged to leave these employees available, to whom the occupied position must be kept.

Alsovolunteer firefightersthey will have to undergo various training courses.

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