Create a rooftop garden

Create a rooftop garden

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Create a rooftop garden: by checking the load capacity of the roof and, based on the data collected, you can follow our instructions for having a roof garden.

Growing the lawn on your roof can be a great satisfaction, but it requires a much more demanding effort than moving a few pots and planters here and there on the terrace.

If you want create a roof gardenyou should know that you can take advantage of three different tax incentives. Theroof garden, better known asgreen roof, can be set up using:

  • Renovation bonus
    tax deductions of 50%
  • Energy efficiency bonus or eco-bonus
    tax deductions from 65 to 75% depending on the case
  • Green bonus
    Irpef discount of 36% of the costs incurred for a maximum of 5,000 euros

Before you startcultivate a vegetable garden on the roofor set up agardencomplete with ornamental plants and flower beds, you have to find out if this is possible.

The structural aspect is very important and should be left to the skills of a qualified technician. The greatest constraints for those who wantcultivate a roof gardenconcern the weight: the roof must not be overloaded!

Know that the roof of your home was designed as a mere building envelope, it is probably "walkable" but not "practicable", that is to say that the underlying structure does not have the characteristics to accommodate agarden, a vegetable garden or agreen roof, not even the most minimal ones.

Basically, if you wantcreate a roof gardenyou will need to transform the coverage fromwalkable to practicableand make sure you have a good load capacity.

The roof of the house is often referred to as "paved" while a terrace (terraced roof) is quite another thing. If you already have a roof terrace you must simply check its charging capacity, if you have a mere roof (or pavement) instead, you must also provide for a change of intended use by requesting the consent of the Municipality of residence.

To understand if your roof can withstand the weight of a garden or a simple lawn, you will need to consult a qualified engineer who will be able to verify the feasibility of the project taking into account the distribution of loads and the pre-existing structure.

If your roof is not eligible, you can take advantage of the tax deductions to finance part of your investment. Know that a green roof greatly increases the real estate value of a building, including deductions, downward estimates and benefits in terms of energy insulation, this expense will probably give you more benefits what cost!

Create a rooftop garden

Probably when you thought ofcultivate a vegetable garden on the roof of the houseor asow a lawn on the terrace, you didn't think you were facing such a difficult task, keep in mind that the stability of your home is everything for your safety.

To make agardenon the oldpavedyou will also need to take into account the green state of the waterproof layer of your roof. The most visible “waterproofing” layer, if it is in good condition, can directly host a second waterproof layer where draining membranes, gravels and soil will be laid to cultivate the plants. However, if this waterproofing layer is not in good condition, it will need to be replaced with a special one.

What are theplants you can grow on the roof? It depends on the load capacity and the thickness of the soil you can lay. For small thicknesses, your roof garden can be composed of:

  • Sedum album
  • Sedum spectabile
  • Sedum hybridum
  • Sedum reflexum
  • Sedum spurium
  • Sedum sexangulare

These are green plants that reach a maximum height in the summer. The sedum album blooms in summer and has a height that does not exceed 10 cm, while among these, the highest is the sedum spectabile which grows up to 40 cm and blooms with pink and red flowers.

These plants are the ones recommended for aextensive green roof, that is, of reduced thickness and with a total weight between 80 - 150 kg / m2. Many terraced roofs already have this load capacity and, once the waterproofing layer has been redone, all you have to do is proceed with the preparation of the green roof.

For agardenreal, however, you need to start from a load capacity of 350 kg / m2, know that this value often doubles when the substrates are very thick and it is intended to grow small saplings.

It's clear thatbuild a roof gardenit is not something for everyone and before making any plans it is essential to understand the initial expense to make the coverage suitable for the new intended use.

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