Wine to drink with mozzarella

Wine to drink with mozzarella

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If you are looking for advice onwhat is the wine to drink with mozzarella, in this section you will find the right combinations: wine and mozzarella, the perfect combination according to the palate, the region and the ingredients.

Among the many types of Italian cheeses, themozzarella cheeseit certainly wins a place of honor on our tables, especially in summer, when the classic caprese becomes a fresh and ready-to-use dish. We all know the Caprese recipe: sliced ​​fresh tomato, mozzarella, a drizzle of oil and to perfume, you can choose between oregano or basil! We all know how to appreciate themozzarella cheese, but we don't all know withwhich wineserve it.

Wine to drink with mozzarella

Which wine to pair with mozzarella?
If the mozzarella cheese served naturally, alone, the basic pairing principle involves the use of rosé wines and non-tannic red wines, this pairing rule is valid for all dairy product. In general, rosé and red wines with high acidity and a good alcoholic tone are preferred.

Red wine and mozzarella

So yes, the marriagered wine and mozzarellaexists, provided that the red in question is not tannic, why? Tannic wines tend to leave the mouth dry even after a single sip, and this will not allow you to fully appreciate the flavor of mozzarella cheese. Which wine to choose? Trust the specialties of your region! If you are in Campania, with the buffalo mozzarella from Battipaglia or with the saltier one from Mondragone and Caserta, you can serve a goodPiedirosso. If you live in Piedmont you can enhance the flavor ofDolcetto ovadese classic or Superior, the wording "superior" indicates a Dolcetto Ovadese which has a minimum alcohol content of 12.5 and has been aged for one year. The dry, soft and aromatic taste of Ovada Dolcetto, pleasantly almondy, goes perfectly with a beautiful buffalo mozzarella from Campania!

Green light also to other wines such as Barbera Monferrina and Carasuolo d'Abruzzo.

White wine and mozzarella

What wine to combine with mozzarella? Red and rosé yes, but it also depends on the side dish. When mozzarella is served single, the choice of red or rosé wine is a winner but if there are side dishes such as asparagus, courgettes, spinach, roasted pumpkin, artichoke hearts, roasted mushrooms and other grilled vegetables, we can also call into question theWhite wine.

White wine with mozzarella alone is not a winning combination: it is too bitter while mozzarella has a tastefat, intense and very elastic ...however, when particularly sweet vegetables are added, white wine can create a nice contrast to its more bitter temperament. Also in these cases you can choose typical wines of your region: if you live in the south, a good Greco di Tufo can accompany skewers of vegetables with mozzarella, if you live in the north you can give voice to the vivid and long Riesling of South Tyrol.

Which vegetables to combine with mozzarella

Which vegetables to combine with mozzarella and white wine?Asparagus, courgettes, spinach, roasted pumpkin, artichoke hearts, roasted mushrooms, baked potatoes topped with butter… and other sweet grilled vegetables.

The speech changes further when you want combine the mozzarella with vegetables acidic or less sweet tasting (such as tomatoes); which wine to pair with the caprese we were talking about earlier? The fragrance of extra virgin olive oil and the acidity of the tomato can be tamed on the palate with an excellent Nero d'Avola or Frappato.

After seeing which onewineit's more suitable tobuffalo mozzarella, also according to the pairings with vegetables, let's review the others dairy product and recommended combinations.

Dairy wine

When it comes todairy productyou immediately think of mozzarella but this is not the only "dairy" typical of our tables. All the "smoked" variants (such as smoked mozzarella di Agerola) can always be accompanied with a good red wine such as Aglianico, preferably in the young versions.

Younger red wines can also accompanydairy productlike stracciatella and burrata cheese.

In a wine, not only the flavor is important but also the temperature. At what temperature to serve wine with mozzarella?

  • For rosé wine 10-12 ° C
  • For low tannic reds 14 - 16 ° C
  • For white wines from drink with mozzarella and sweet vegetables 9 - 10 ° C

To make sure youdrink wineat the right temperature, I suggest you read the article dedicated to the wine thermometer and the ideal temperature at which to taste wines.

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