Rooftop photovoltaic system

Rooftop photovoltaic system

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Rooftop photovoltaic system: from fixing to deductions,savingslong-term and cost to be faced for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Whether it is a wooden roof, a roof made of tiles or if you are thinking about mounting the photovoltaic system on a flat sheathing roof, there are fixing solutions. L'anchoring of the photovoltaic panels on the rooftakes place with simple support (both on a double pitched roof and on a single roof, sheet metal, with tiles, flat ...) and the presence of ballasts in the event that the building is located in particularly windy areas. To the assembly of photovoltaic panelswe dedicated an entire page, analyzing the various options based on the type of coverage of the home. For all information: fixing solar panels on the roof. In the article dedicated toanchoring the photovoltaic on the roofwe also told you about theintegrated photovoltaic. On this page we will analyzebenefits and advantagesin relation toinvestmentstart linked to the purchase andinstallation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Photovoltaic system: how much does it cost?

Let's get to the point, is it convenient to install a photovoltaic system? Yes, the return on investment is short-term, especially for families who are able to self-consume all the energy produced by the system on the roof of the house.

Second hot question,how much does a photovoltaic roof cost?
The cost depends on the size. How much does a 3 kw photovoltaic system cost?Let's say on average, the costis around 6,000 euros for a3 kW photovoltaic system.
How much does a 5 kw photovoltaic system cost? A 5 kW photovoltaic system costs just over 8,000 euros. The costs indicated are "turnkey" that is inclusive of installation, connection to the electricity network and anchoring systems to the roof. These are indicative average prices but they give a good idea of ​​the expense to be addressed.

Rooftop photovoltaic system: advantages and benefits

Betweenadvantageseasier to grasp there is thesavingsperennial on the electricity bill. We have already told you thatinstalling a photovoltaic system is worthwhile and this for two factors:

  • 50% of the expenditure related to the purchase and installation of solar panels can be "discounted". The currently available “tax discount” consists of onefiscal detractionIPEF from 50%. The tax deduction would also concern a possible roof refurbishment, prior to accepting the photovoltaic system and / or the appraisals required to assess the load capacity of the roof.
  • Thecost of energyproduced with a photovoltaic system is proportional to the initial investment and, for an average investment of just over 6,000 euros, necessary for the installation of a3 kW photovoltaic roof, the cost of energy is 12 euro cents per kWh, half of what is required by the various energy managers (the cost of energy per kW is about 23 euro cents).

The only "flaw" that could obscure the advantages described above is linked to the geographical position. A preliminary analysis of solar radiation will make you understand how much the position of your roof can affect the performance of the system.

Ideally, the roof that should accommodate yoursphotovoltaic systemit should have a southern exposure, but roofs with an east or west exposure can also give good results in terms of yield.

Among othersadvantageswhich are not always counted, there is that ofsavings on your gas bill. Photovoltaics, if well studied, can guaranteesavings on electricity and gas. How?

To the photovoltaic roof a small one should be associated solar thermal system which can handle both the production of domestic hot water and the heating and cooling of the building. If you do not want to face a double expense, the photovoltaic system can be combined with a hybrid system given by heat pump and condensing boiler.

Not to mention the fact that those who have an induction hob can use the electricity produced by their photovoltaic system for cooking, avoiding the consumption of methane gas. With these strategies, the use of gas is minimized if not completely eliminated.

Photovoltaic roof and on-site exchange

Did I already tell you that to maximize theconvenienceof yoursphotovoltaic system on the roofyou should aim for self-consumption of energy. Buying an accumulator (batteries) might be a good idea but, contrary tosolar panelswhich are now bought acostsvery accessible, an electric accumulator requires considerable expense. We have addressed the topic in the articlebatteries for photovoltaics.

Keep in mind that yoursolar systemsees greater efficiency and production precisely in the hours when the cost of electricity is higher (in the case of hourly rates): of course, it is not possible to carry out all energy-intensive household activities only when the plant produces energy. The energy produced in surplus can be sold into the network through a system ofchange on the spot. This system allows you tosell the energy produced and not consumedand, later, withdraw it from the grid (but the energy, when you sell it, you sell it at a cost much lower than the cost necessary to buy it back). If your photovoltaic roof has been oversized with respect to the energy needs of the family, you can also evaluate thedirect sale of the electricity produced. To deepen these issues, please refer to the dedicated pages:

  • Photovoltaic: exchange on site (the electricity grid becomes a sort of energy piggy bank)
  • Photovoltaic: transfer to the network (a sort of direct sale of the electricity produced)

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