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The raccoons they are called that for friends, but their real name is raccoons. Not everyone knows this, many believe that they are two distinct but similar animals. Let's see what characteristics it has and also the reasons behind this certainly nice but unexpected and strange nickname for an animal like this. Its scientific name is Procyon lotor and it belongs to the raccoon family.

Teddy bear may look like a teddy bear but why on earth a washer In fact it does not wash anything but it seems that it does, because before ingesting food it does repeatedly manipulates with the front legs just as if you were to wash it and polish it before enjoying it.

This habit is one of the most characteristic of this animal which also has a particular one black fur mask around the eyes, in strong contrast with the white color that surrounds it and which gives it a truly irresistibly nice air.

Raccoons: characteristics

As dimensions we can imagine the raccoon like an animal the size of the fox, its length varies from 40 to 70 centimeters and is 23 to 35 centimeters high. The smallest specimens weigh 4 kilograms but the most massive even 9 kilograms.

The snout of the raccoon it is elongated and rounded ears emerge with white edges, its fur is thick and the most common color is gray, in all its shades. Of the mask in the face we have already spoken, I should add that it is also edged in white. The paws of our bear are also equipped with "fingers" also quite long and equipped with sharp claws.

In addition toraccoon there are other species of raccoon including for example the crab raccoon which can be recognized by its longer appearance with a proportionally shorter tail. Its teeth are thicker and more robust than those of its peers and also the fur is shorter, always dark gray with yellow spots.

Raccoons: cubs

The raccoon it has its reproductive period that goes to the month of January on average to the month of March, at the beginning of spring, and it is the time when the males visit the burrows of the females and mate. There are no stable couples among the raccoons but more than anything else impromptu mating to then bring to light the young. The cubs are born between April and May and usually a female can give birth to at least two and no more than eight. They are born blind and with a weight of about 60 grams, remain linked to the mother for a period of about 10 months which always stops when a new reproductive cycle begins. THE raccoons adolescents, about one year old, some more or less, group together and then individually go to look for their own territory

Raccoon: rearing

Our raccoon it cannot be bred in captivity as it is included in the list of animals "which may constitute a danger to public health and safety and whose detention is prohibited", as established by the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of 19 April of 1996. Moreover, they lead a very solitary life, they don't like being in large groups even if every now and then they are seen running together, they don't even like to live as a couple.

Unlike other similar animals, i raccoons they do not have a territorial instinct for which they do not defend the area they live in as if it were private property, for them the important thing is to have food and females to mate with. Speaking of eating, the diet of these solitary animals is based on fruit, acorns, oats, corn, earthworms, insects, micro-mammals, birds and eggs. In spite of captive breeding, it is good to know that this animal has proved to us an excellent climber and an exceptional swimmer.

If we look for it, we can also find it in old dens where he spends the day, to raise offspring and to hibernate, old dens that others have struggled to build. These others are often the fox or the badger. If it doesn't find any, look for natural cavities.

Raccoon: fur

The fur of the raccoon it is very beautiful even if you feel a certain roughness to the touch. There are various species of raccoons, this is one of those with the most interesting fur and this immediately jumped in the eyes of many, already in the seventeenth century when it was used to make caps and other clothing. Raccoon hair is the reason why raccoon hunting exists, which is widely practiced in the southern United States. It acts at night using dogs that are able to flush them out teddy bears hidden in their hollows often near swamps or water courses. In general, this animal lives both in agricultural areas and in mixed forests, but in recent years it has also been sighted and registered in metropolitan areas or very close to cities. In the world, it is widespread, it is found in the United States, Canada, Central Europe and Asia.

Raccoon: plush

In order not to encourage raccoon hunting, indeed, to discourage it, we can give ourselves anice raccoon plush which, in addition to being beautiful, is tremendously soft and without any suffering of the animal that, serene and unaware of everything, will continue its solitary life.

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