Pilea peperomioides, cultivation and care

Pilea peperomioides, cultivation and care

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How to grow the Pilea peperomioides, from the sale of seeds to reproduction by cuttings. How to cure the plant, the ideal location and the diseases that can affect it.

Its sale is not very widespread and this makes it theplanteven moreattractive. Therepilea peperomioidesit's aevergreen plantperfect for creating a green space at home.

Pilea peperomioides

It is known asplant of coinsor Pilea. It belongs to the Urticaceae family and is a perfect piece of furniture.

It has shiny green leaves in the shape of "pancakes", so much so that in some areas it has been renamed the "pancake plant". The glossy green leaves are waxed and semi-succulent in consistency (so they are quite rigid and robust to the touch).

Therepielait is a small plant both in terms of space and metaphorical: it requires fewcareand reaches a maximum height of 40 cm.

The only drawback is its difficult availability insale: it is difficult to find this plant in garden centers so it becomes questionablewhere to buy itorwhere to buy its seeds.

Well, if you have a friend who has thepilea peperomioides, on this page we will explain how to perform an excellent onemultiplicationwith the cutting technique. If you don't know where to find a mother plant to make the cutting, then you just have to go to fairs and nurseries or take advantage of the online purchase.

On "this Amazon page" you can find the potted plant (in different sizes) or the package of pilea peperomioides seeds. Keep in mind that the seeds are low germination, so you will be able to carry on few plants. If you opt for sowing, use a light soil for succulent plants, very soft and to be kept moist until the first shoots appear. Keep the seeds in light, moist soil, with temperatures around 18 ° C.

Pilea peperomioides: care

The plant should be brought back indoors at the end of September, when the temperatures begin to drop. For this reason it is importantcultivatetherepilea in pot.

The pilea prefers mild temperatures, never higher than 25 ° C and never lower than 10 ° C.

Pilea survives in temperatures below 10 ° C, so if you live in particularly hot areas, you can try growing it in the garden ... however, keep in mind that it starts to suffer a lot with temperatures below 8 ° C and does not necessarily manage to adapt to cultivation outdoors.

How to cure pilea in winter

He wants onebright location, the ideal exposure is in full light but not in direct contact with the sun's rays. At home, you cannot keep it near radiators or air conditioners. It tolerates humidity well so you can keep it in the bathroom or kitchen.

To allow the plant to grow evenly every week, remember to rotate the pot so every part of the plant will receive the light.

How to cure pilea in the summer

In summer, you can take the plant outdoors. Indeed, you can do it starting from spring: transfer the pot outside when temperatures are permanently above 12 - 15 ° C. In summer, when it is hot, you will have to move the plant to a shady position, sheltered from the sun and, as far as possible, sheltered from the heat (it begins to suffer with temperatures above 28 - 30 ° C).

How to water the pilea

Betweencareto dedicate to this plant there is no lack ofirrigationbut with caution: you will be amazed to know that often theillnessesthat affect this plant are related to water stress.

The most common mistake made by those who are not practical in theplant care it is precisely the excess water. You will have toirrigate the pileaonly when the soil is completely dry.

Also to avoid diseases related to root rot and yellowing of the leaves, remember to choose a draining soil. When the plant is an adult and, if it has adapted well, you can use simple universal soil. The same choice, however, you cannot make it in case ofmultiplication by cuttings, for suckers or forsowing.

How to fertilize the pilea permioides

If you notice that the leaves turn yellow on the edges, it may be because you keep the plant in full sun or because of a deficiency that prevents the plant from producing chlorophyll.

To avoid nutritional deficiencies, it is important to administer liquid fertilizer at least once a month. The nurserymen advise every 15 days… however, from experience I can tell you that even an excess of fertilizer is bad: better to administer fertilizer once a month.

Choose a fertilizer for green plants, dissolve a few drops in water following the doses indicated on the label.

Among the fertilizers for green plants, I recommend the excellent Gesal, enriched with trace elements useful to keep the leaves shiny. In any case, if you already have ox blood fertilizer in the house ... you can use that! For information on the fertilizer mentioned, I refer you to the dedicated Amazon page: Geosal, liquid fertilizer (it is offered at a price of 11.40 euros with shipping costs included in the price).

Cutting of pilea permioides

Theremultiplicationby cuttingsit's very simple. Here's how to do it:

  1. Cut off a branch at least 6 cm long and with 3 - 4 apical leaves.
  2. Place the basal part of the cutting in a jar with water.
  3. To stimulate rooting, add some liquid rooting (it shortens the rooting time, but this step is not mandatory, the water cutting of the pilea offers excellent results)
  4. Once rooted, the pilea cutting will need to be transferred to a pot with soil, choose a light soil for succulent plants. The initial pot should be 6 - 8 cm in diameter.
  5. After a year, you can transfer the plant to a larger pot, adding some good universal soil and a handful of sand to improve drainage.

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